Tea Time with Marnie Hill the Medium

Do you have questions regarding life after death, soul healing, heaven, or the spirit world?  Visit Tea Time with Marnie the Medium for inspirational, and soul healing information on her youtube channel. Tea Time is Live, Raw, and Informative.

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Born with the ability to communicate with departed loved ones. Marnie also connects with the heavenly realms and delivers healing messages for your soul.

The gifts and abilities Marnie carries within her soul could fall under a number of categories or titles, here are just a few. You could call her a  Medium,  Clairvoyant, or Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guide, Light Worker, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Author, Earth Angel, Soul Counsellor, and even an Angel Communicator, but she prefers to be called a SPIRITUAL MEDIUM. And, she is a well-known and sought out Medium who was born and raised in British Columbia, and has lived in Alberta for over 30 years.

Marnie has clients both locally in Canada and Internationally. If you are serious about wanting to connect with your loved ones in the afterlife and are looking for authentic validation, clarity, and soul healing, then she is your Medium. 

Marnie believes the true purpose of mediumship is to console the bereaved by demonstrating that life lives on, even after death. Marnie also provides exceptional guidance and life solutions, through her Transformational Coaching and has specifically created and designed the Soul Enhancement™ Life Coaching program, to help you move through loss and life transitions. Marnie is the creator of Tea Time with Marnie the Medium, and at different times throughout the year, she offers personal development workshops, house clearing & blessing services, and live events called messages from the afterlife. Marnie is also available to work on missing persons and cold cases when requested by the appropriate individuals.

Client Testimonial



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People who have a reading with Marnie say "she is a life changer, an incredibly gifted medium and someone who not only brings comfort and healing into their world, but a person who helps individuals and families through the journey of grief. " Marnie has been professionally delivering messages of validation and healing since 2007 from the spirit world. Most of Marnie's clients are referred from previous clients, current clients, and from professionals within the counselling & mental health industry. This says a lot about her ability and credibilty. You can read all about Marne's story in her recently published book a soul's journey.

Meet Medium Marnie Hill (when she was blond).



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