Soul Enhancement™ Wisdom Session

Welcome to Soul Enhancement™ 

Individual Wisdom Session.



What this session is:

This is a 90 minute in person, awakening and inspirational session with Marnie Hill. Marnie will help you uncover the mysteries of your personal and spiritual pain. Your emotional pain that perhaps has been stopping you from moving forward, blocking you from living a life full of peace and harmony. Together, you and Marnie, will discover what has been holding you back and you will be given the guidance and the wisdom on how to heal it.

Please note; this is a very special soul session. Not only will prayer be used, but you must be open to the power of God and His Angels. This wisdom session consists of divine information that will help you on your path, today, so you can start living the life you were meant to live.

What this session isn’t: 

In this session Marnie trusts and knows you will uncover and receive all that you need during this session. This isn’t a psychic reading, spiritual counselling, consulting session, or a medium reading, as Marnie does not connect with your loved ones during this sessions.

Depending on your needs, you will have the option to enter into Marnie’s more in-depth Soul Enhancement™ Life Coaching Program or you can see Marnie on a monthly basis to further your healing and direction. Marnie will provide you with further information, if you decide to move forward with deeper inner healing and guidance.

Please use the on-line booking program to book your session. Cost is $250.00 + GST for 80-90 minutes. Recording devices and note taking are prohibited during this time.  This is an individual session only. Note taking is prohibited, as Marnie needs your full attention during this time. All terms and conditions apply.