Life isn’t a Restaurant

It’s February and two months into the new year. My year started off exactly as I predicted it would. Let’s just say, my husband has lasting goosebumps! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everything went as easy as this?

I have found over the years, that life doesn’t always go exactly as planned or predicted. You may have a plan for you, but God, the angels, and the universe have another plan for you instead, rest assured, it’s always the best plan of all.

This can seem a little confusing and downright aggravating at times, not getting what you want, that is. You may think, it’s your life, why can’t you have it the way you asked or ordered it to be.  Well, life isn’t a restaurant and we can’t just order our day and month to look as we would like it to be. When we become too demanding of the universe, we are no longer in divine flow of receiving all the good the world has to offer, instead, one’s soul can become suspended into a vortex of negativity and pain.

My advice for 2017.  Make a list and write down all that you would like to heal this year, and the reasons you need this healing. Write down how your healing will allow you to move forward in life, and how this healing may positively impact another person and maybe even the world. Meaning, you are showing the universe how your healing can make a difference in your life, and in someone else’s, believe me, your healing can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and it will, if you set the proper intentions. Remember, our purpose in life is to love.

Then begin your journey of healing. When we begin the path of healing the soul, the dark that has been sitting in the soul, perhaps for years, begins to heal. When this happens, you are making room for that divine spark that is within, to really begin to shine. When your divine spark shines, it naturally and positively affects everyone who comes in contact with you. This is when you are helping the world. When you help the world, the universe takes notice and begins to collaborate with you, after all they have been beside you every step of the way, cheering you on and desperately wanting to live a life that is full of richness and love.  I hope this message has helped you today.  God Bless, Marnie