Marnie’s thoughts on being a MOM

Over the years I have had to learn that there is a lot more to being a Mom, than just mothering your child. Being a Mother is also knowing when you need to stop mothering your child too. I personally think being a Mom should clearly capture the following annotation.

Mother – A person who never starts off qualified to be one, but gradually learns to become a mother through the child they are parenting. This parenting begins to develop into a  special and unique friendship. This friendship may require both individuals to learn how to cope with one another through tough and good times. Mother and child must learn to love without judgement. The mother is usually the one who instills this valuable lesson into the child, only if the child is willing to receive it, and is usually done by experiencing continuing trials and tribulations, which may result in the mother suffering frequent feelings of defeat, doubt, frustrations, and many times anger. These momentary emotions never stay long, eventually the mother will begin to do some soul searching and realize she/he did all that could be done. There are times for mothering and learning when to just be a mom. This may be a hard realization for many. For the child that has been mothered, is not necessarily a product of her/him but a product of life and its lessons. Lastly, one day the mother will realize the next step in life is to enjoy the beautiful soul that has been created out of his/her dedication and love, and has now mastered her/his own journey of being a mom.