Marnie’s Story

Marnie Hill ~ Soul Enhancement™ Medium, Life Coach, Heaven Inspired Author & Writer

There is no denying her gifts.....Marnie is here to help change peoples lives!

My Story......

It has become very clear over the years, my calling in this life is to bring healing to a hurting world, and to be in service to Heaven (the afterlife, the other side).  I bring light into the darkest places and I do this through the services I offer.  

If you are needing to speak with a deceased love one, grieving, or simply craving healing, and guidance in your life, I can help you. Together we'll uncover what you need, and what you need to work on, it will change your life!

From the bottom of my heart, I know death is simply a door way into another world. We have a spiritual team on the other side, they are walking with us, waiting and wanting us to live our life to the fullest. This is why I am so passionate and strongly believe in what I do and in all the services I offer.

It took me many years to truly understand my gift, how could I help people with the intuitive knowledge I would receive, and the information I would openly get from Heaven.  Heaven is real, we live in a physical world and there are many spiritual and spirit dimensions on the other side. Being a medium is a sacred calling and that’s exactly how I approach it. With truth, dignity, and love. Many times, I have been asked, how did I become a medium? The truth is, it chose me.

I was born with this ability, since the age of five maybe earlier, I really don’t remember, I was seeing spirits in my room; I saw deceased family members and named people whom I did not know. Some spirits I didn’t know who they were, they simply passed through this dimension into another one, but I could see them and hear them. When I was seven and beyond, I received information about tragedies that were to happen, hearing and seeing the spirit world, receiving premonitions or helpful information was something I became use to. Even though I was young, I knew not to be afraid of my experiences. That’s because it was love that encircled me.


Marnie the Medium

Over the years my gift to see, hear, and feel spirit enhanced. It didn’t happen overnight though; I needed to learn how I was to help others.

I had to go through many life and soul lesson within this world first, once I was ready, healed from my past and my fears, it was then when I finally opened the door that was waiting for me. Over the years I have taken a number of University Courses in Psychology, I am a Certified Master Life Coach and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

I have never received training as a medium, I have been trained from the afterlife, and God's angels . Heaven is constantly teaching me. My gift, my abilities, move far beyond talking to the other side and receiving information from the spiritual realms. Most days I feel I have on foot in Heaven and one foot in the physical world. Today, those spirits that would simply pass through this dimension into the other, the ones in my room, I help them. Through my experience, knowledge and my calling, I help the deceased and the living heal.

I am spiritual person and I am a person of faith. I am not apart of any occult system or spiritualist church and I don't consider what I do as evil or against Gods will. Even though prayer is used in my services I consider myself nondenominational. As a Spiritual Messenger, a Medium, I serve as an ambassador, a bridge between two worlds. I respect all religions, faiths, genders, and all people. My calling is to help you heal by delivering messages from your deceased loved ones.

"I am honored to be in service to the living, to the departed and to God. I don't consider this a talent, I consider this a spiritual gift that can help many.  I feel it's important to explain why I call this a gift. My ability to talk to the other side is here to help other people heal. I have had this ability since I was a child. Through God's light, I serve as a gate way for heaven, to help you and the deceased heal. This ability isn't for me, it's for you, and that is a gift."

God Bless ~ Marnie