Marnie’s Story

Marnie Hill ~ AKA ~Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath, Author, and Life Coach.

There is no denying her gifts.....Marnie is here to help change peoples lives!

From Marnie

It has become very clear over the years, my calling in this life is to bring healing to a hurting world, and to be in service to Heaven (the afterlife, the other side).  I bring light into the darkest places and I do this through the services I offer.  

If you are needing to speak with a deceased love one, grieving, or simply craving healing, and guidance in your life, I can help you. Together we'll uncover what you need, and what you need to work on, it will change your life!

I am a person of faith. My faith  keeps me close to heaven. I believe in the power of prayer and consider myself to be a bridge, an ambassador between two worlds (for the living and the dead). I respect all religions, faiths, genders, and all people.

From the bottom of my heart, I know that death is simply a door way into another world. We have a spiritual team on the other side consisting of angels, spiritual guides, deceased loved ones and most of all God. They are walking with us, waiting and wanting us to live our life to the fullest. This is why I am so passionate and strongly believe in what I do.

I do not use tarot, angel cards, divination tools, stones, pictures, or objects from the deceased, they are not needed within the readings I offer.  All the information I receive comes directly from your departed loved ones, angels and the Divine within my readings.  In a private session, you will be provided with a recording of your reading. It's nice to have something to refer back to in times of need, reassurance, or when you need a little peace, so you can shine your own light on this world. 

I have been highly sensitive to energies all my life, not only am I a medium, psychic, and intuitive, I am also an empath and a highly sensitive person.

My first spirit communication started at my earliest memories, around age five. This is when I frequently saw the spirit world with my physical eyes, heard them speak to me and always felt their presence (I thought this was normal and never questioned it). When I was in my teens all of my psychic and clairvoyant abilities increased and close friends began to ask me questions like, "how did you know that was going to happen?". When I was seventeen my Dad visited me from the spirit world ( I knew my world was changing).

When I was in my twenties I thought I was going to die from the hands of someone I once loved. Feeling on my last breath, I felt wings wrap around me, protecting me from harm and then I heard the voice of an angel speak to me.  This is when I first met Isabelle, my guardian angel. In that very moment, I was awakened, my soul opened, spirit spoke, and a new journey began to emerge. It was then when I surrendered to the gift.

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When I was in my early thirties,  I started to pursue a degree in psychology with hopes of becoming a counsellor, one who specialized in grief.  However, heaven had other plans. Once again, the spirit world and the angelic realm began to constantly present itself to me and my medium and psychic abilities were almost uncontrolable. I new it was time to understand what was happening to me and to finally do something about my gift. The angels and the spirit world were trying really hard to get my attention, to show me my life calling, my purpose, how I was to be in service to the world.

I have never received training as a medium, or a psychic from any school or person, God's angels have been training me since childhood. I fought and denied this gift, my ability to talk to heaven for a good portion of my life. I was afraid. However, after spending more than a decade now delivering messages of love and validation, I now see this as a privilege.

"I am honored to be in service to the living, to the departed and to God. I don't consider this a talent, I consider this a spiritual gift that can help many.  I feel it's important to explain why I call this a gift. My ability to talk to the other side is here to help other people heal. I have had this ability since I was a child. Through God's light, I serve as a gate way for heaven, to help you and the deceased heal. This ability isn't for me, it's for you, and that is a gift." 

God Bless ~ Marnie

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