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There is no denying her gifts.....Marnie is here to help change people's lives!

My Story......

It has become evident over the years, my calling in this life is to bring healing to a hurting world and to be in service to heaven (God, the afterlife, the other side). I am a vessel, a gate way, a messenger for Heaven. I bring light into the darkest places, and I do this through the services I offer. As a Medium, Spiritual Messenger for heaven, I speak with deceased loved ones and deliver messages from the unseen worlds. As a Spirit Healer, Spiritual Advisor and Paranormal Advisor, I provide healing to souls in the afterlife, knowledge and guidance to individuals in the living world. As a writer, I write the truth about what the unseen world has told me, and my own experiences with the afterlife.

If you need to speak with a deceased loved one, grieving, or naturally craving healing and spiritual guidance in your life, I can help you.

From the bottom of my heart, I know death is simply a doorway into another world. We have a spiritual team on the other side, including God. They walk with us, waiting and wanting us to live our life to the fullest.

It took me many years to truly understand my gifts and how I could help people with the knowledge and information I would openly receive from deceased loved ones and the angels. I eventually learned the necessary information needed to be shared. Heaven is real. We live in a physical world, and there are many spiritual and spirit dimensions on the other side. Being a medium is a sacred calling, and that’s precisely how I approach it with truth, dignity, and love. Many times, I'm asked how did I become a medium? The truth is, it chose me.

I was born with this ability, and that's why I consider it a gift. This gift is to help the living and the dead heal. Since the age of five, maybe earlier, I don’t remember, I saw spirits in my room; I saw deceased family members and named people whom I did not know. Some souls I didn’t know who they were, they simply passed through this dimension into another one, but I could see them and hear them. When I was seven and beyond, I received information about tragedies that were to happen, hearing and seeing the spirit world, receiving premonitions or helpful information was something that became normal for me.  When I was ten, I had my first paranormal experience, and many more were to follow. I had these paranormal or supernatural experiences so I could learn and eventually help you and the spirit world. Even though I was young, I knew not to be afraid of my experiences. That’s because it was love that encircled me. I had to go through many life and soul lesson within this world for me to be ready to help others with my abilities. Once I was ready, healed from my past and my fears, it was then when I finally opened the door that was waiting for me.

God's angels have trained me on my journey as a medium.  Most days, I feel like I have one foot in heaven and one foot in the physical world. My calling in this life is to use my spiritual gifts. My gift allows me to help the deceased and the living heal, and I do this in many ways.


Marnie the Medium

Over the years, I have taken many university courses in Psychology, Theology, and continue with my studies to date. I am a Certified Usui Reiki Master and Teacher, Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach, and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. I use the tools of knowledge I have gained over the years when it is needed to serve my clients better.

It's important to note that I don't use any form of divination tools; they are not needed and shouldn't be used in a reading or healing session. However, it's not unusual for me to do automatic writing or spirit writing during my sessions. I use my gift wisely, to not interfere with the natural balance of life, the realms of heaven and God's desire for you, as I am a person of faith. I believe in the power of prayer, and prayer is an essential part of my life and my services.

After spending as many years as I have as a medium, you can't help but feel close to God. After all, heaven is where the deceased reside, and some people call it the other side, the afterlife or merely the spirit world. Whatever you choose to call it, just know the deceased bring radiant energy with them in readings. I have learned to embrace this love and spiritual power with all my heart. I serve as an ambassador, a bridge between two worlds. I respect all religions, faiths, genders, and all people. I prove heaven is real, and your deceased loved ones and God watch over you. To put it simply, I use my gifts from Spirit to help the world heal.

God Bless ~ Marnie 

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