There is more to this world than you will ever know!


The other day after I spent most of my week channelling souls who have committed suicide, I just wanted to break down and cry at the end of my week, but I didn’t. I never do, cry or break down that is. If I feel overwhelmed with my readings, I simply pray for the souls who have passed and the souls of their loved ones who are still on this earth, living the best way they can, without them. For I know the deceased are in a safe place, and after my clients hear from their loved ones, they too know their loved ones are safe and sound in heaven, tucked away in God’s Grace.

While I was praying in my meditation the other day, something hit me. I felt an energy force hit me right in my heart, a feeling I had never felt before. Now, I have had many mystical and spiritual experiences, but this time, it wasn’t even the angels talking to me, no it was the holy spirit, graciously speaking to me. I’ve heard it before, but this time it was different, more powerful and a little life altering. Now before you think I have lost my mind, wait a minute. God speaks to all of us, sometimes we just need to listen and be open to the possibilities that his loving energy is available for all who wish to receive.

After some contemplation of my experience, I knew that this experience had a greater meaning than I could have ever imagined. My experience was teaching me something about my future and life. That’s how God and the angels talk to us, through our experiences, and no one ever stops learning, not even after death. Our soul is energy, and in a constant vibrational flow, it never dies. This state of vibration is very dependent on where we are sitting within the realms of heaven. Yes, heaven has many different levels within it, and I’m not just talking about the lower level hell, there is more, so much more to the afterlife, and I can’t wait to write and talk all about it in 2018!

I do want to mention something; I think you may find very interesting. Even though the deceased tell me they aren’t in pain anymore, and are spending time with loved ones, and are happy, or they were ready to go, no one, not one of the thousands of souls, I have talked to over the years, has ever told me they preferred being dead than alive. If you think about it, all they talk about is their memories of life and spending time living. Personally, I think this speaks volumes about life and this world. When we die, we become healed and we see our life through awakened eyes, not eyes that are filled with pain, anger, sickness, or hate. So they tell me, the deceased, that yes life is beautiful on the other side, and they are at peace, it’s a beautiful place, but nothing beats being alive!

I hope this newsletter has helped you today. If you have recently lost a loved one, please make sure you get a chance please view my recent video on Facebook, as I spoke about “grieving through the holidays” and will have some more guidance this week.

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Is Your House Haunted?

October seems to be a popular month to talk about haunted houses, seeing ghost, hearing strange noises, after all it’s the month we celebrate the Halloween season. However, you don’t need to use Halloween as an excuse to feel more comfortable talking about haunted homes, seeing ghosts, or talking about the unexplained noises you may be experiencing.  Our human world is shared with a spiritual world, and the spirit world will use every opportunity to speak to the human world, especially when spirit has something they really need to say. And this isn’t always a scary thing. It may seem scary for people who are not used to talking, and seeing the dead, but in reality, its a very normal thing.

When you hear noises or see a ghostly figure, it’s more than likely your deceased loved one trying to get your attention, and sometimes it isn’t. When your loved one is dropping in to say “hello” you will more than likely experience things such as, familiar smells, that remind you of them, the lights gently flickering on and off, you may feel them brush up against you, or you may feel they are in the room with you. It’s not uncommon to get images within your mind of your loved one, or have them leaving coins, or something that reminds you of them. What your loved ones are doing is trying to let you know they love you and they are okay. You will experience feelings of love and peace, if it’s a loved one visiting from heaven.

However, what if you are experiencing something different? Could these be signs of a haunting or negative energy trying to cause havoc within your home, and within your personal life? Maybe so. Here is a list of warning signs you may want to keep a look out for.

  1. Unexplained noises – Noises such as growling, a loud knocking, or scratching noises should be a concern.
  2. Lights flickering on and off repetively.
  3. Eerie Shadows – Dark shadows either human or animal like. They are difficult to see and move fast.
  4. Extreme cold spots- Even a loved one can create hot and cold energy when they are around, but it won’t be extreme where it stops you in your tracks.
  5. Household items that disappear and reappear at random – I would say you may have a negative trickster in your midst if this is happening.
  6. Doors opening and cabinets acting erratically, closing loudly, and frequently.
  7. Peculiar pet behaviour – An animal staring at a good spirit is normal, they may stare at the wall, or watch something that the human eye can’t see. If the animal is sensing something negative, it will become scared and may bark or growl continually, or retreat to a safer place.
  8. Mysterious voices – Your loved one could say hello and you might hear it. However, if its something negative, you will hear a consistent whispering or crying.
  9. Unusual scratches on the body. Like I said before, you may feel a loved one brush up against you, but they will not leave scratches, grab you, or clamp down on your body parts. If this is happening, then a spirit is trying really hard to get your attention.
  10. Emotional changes – If you are consistently feeling depressed, uncomfortable, angry, or not yourself, and there is no explanation for this, then you may have a negative ghost draining your energy field.

Warning: The last three indicators should be taken seriously, and you should consider having your situation assessed from a professional medium, and supernatural or paranormal investigator.

Written by Medium Marnie Hill –

How to get a Good Medium Reading!

How to get a Good Medium Reading!

In all honesty there is more to getting a good medium reading, than getting a good night sleep, not having alcohol or recreational drugs within 36 hours of a reading, and trying to be open to the process. In this blog, I hope to provide you with some valuable information so you can enjoy your experience at a reading.

Over the last 10 years I have come to the realization that many people, the majority of the world, still doesn’t understand the spiritual gift of spirit communication. When we don’t understand something we look to the more well-known individuals to provide us with some answers or we look to the past. I would have to say looking to the past for mediumship answers is probably not the best solution for you, especially if you go back more than a 100 years. And it has become very clear to me that every medium is different at mediumship. Everyone has their own belief system, which effects their beliefs about mediumship, and have their own reasons for doing this work. Let’s face it, many people think of this form of communication, as fun, or as a party trick. And some think it’s the work of demons. Believe me, talking to the dead isn’t fun on many levels and no demons would dare come near me. Then you have pictures of mediums and psychics gazing into crystal balls, saying they can 100% predict the future, remove spells, they themselves look dark and scary, website looks eerie too, it’s never ending, really. Anything to grab your attention. So, I get why people have such a turn off or fear towards mediums.

So, how did I get some of the answers on mediumship? I looked towards God. After all, who better to give the correct information. I was amazed, how once I opened my heart and mind to the divine, floods of information became unveiled to me, and I will share a little piece of that information with you today on this blog. And being able to communicate with the afterlife since age five, has really allowed me to tap into their world, and believe me the dead love to share information about mediumship, at least the information they are allowed to share. Here are some things to think about before coming into a reading. 

1) It is important to come into a reading with an open mind and heart and to be open to whomever would like to communicate and to whatever information they would like to share with you. And, yes of course no alcohol or recreational drugs please. There is nothing worse than communicating with someone who is intoxicated, even a little.

2) Try to relax as much as you can. I get this can be a nervous time for you. Believe me,  your loved ones are just as excited to speak with you and are going to try really hard to make sure they communicate with me properly too. Spirit communication isn’t like two live people taking, it’s much different. For me, there is a door between this world and the next. Sometimes when I open up the door and your loved one’s step through I can see everything so clearly. What they look like, I can feel their energy, hear them speak to me, it’s really quiet lovely. Then there are those days when it’s a little foggy and the communication comes through differently, more symbols, less seeing.  Also,  your loved ones will bring through their personality and speak to me just like when they were alive.  If one was quiet, you can be sure they will be a little quiet during the reading too. If a loved one was loud and talkative, they may take up more of the communication. So relax, all unfolds as it should.

3) Be patient. Don’t think that the person you want to speak to the most is going to come through first. No, when I open the door to heaven and your loved ones and family members show up, I give them the time to speak. After all, I think it would be very rude of me, if I didn’t let everyone at least say hello. You may have hired me to read for you, but this is a sacred process and one I value, trust, and honour. If they took the time to arrive, I will give them the time to speak. And remember, it doesn’t matter if someone’s has recently passed within a couple of weeks or has been passed over for fifty years, whoever can come through will, so trust the process.

4) Don’t be too eager to talk to the dead. If someone has recently past, allow them time to transition to the other side. Now this is different for missing persons, because the information they share with me can come through differently. There seems to be more of an urgency to find their body, so you can move forward with grief. The waiting time is for you. Mediumship is here to help you with your grief, it’s not to be solely used for the healing process, its only part of it.

5) Don’t demand your loved one to bring forward specific words, a memory, or an item that means something to you. I have lost count, on how many times people have done that. While your loved one will more than likely oblige to the request, that doesn’t mean me or any other medium is going to understand every symbol, feel, or hear every word your loved ones use. You see, some mediums are not real mediums, they are telepaths and they are reading your mind. I like to prove I’m not reading your mind, by providing you with information your loved one is sharing. Information where there is no way on earth I could have known. Information you have completely forgotten about, information that makes you think “why are they talking about this in a reading”? or “how did she know that”? Now that’s mediumship. You will receive all the information and validation you need to help you move forward. Again, trust the process. When one is demanding, the ego takes over, and you are no long in divine flow of healing and a negative tear begins to form between this world to the next. Not good.

6) Be kind to your loved ones. Talking to the afterlife is for healing. Please don’t come into a reading thinking you are going to tell them off (yes, it’s happened before), don’t ask questions like, did you have an affair? or ask your loved one if your spouse is having an affair. Let’s face it, if they were not going to tell you in the physical world when they were alive, they probably won’t answer it after they have passed either.

7) I’m not here to wow you or make you become a believer in the afterlife. I truly believe God and spirit has entrusted me with this gift. I never searched to become a medium, it’s an ability that was brought forward since birth, which means I am to use it to help people and this world with loss. I use this gift with faith, respect, integrity, and love. Please don’t come in trying test my ability, being down right cold and mean, or worse bringing your ego into a reading. There is nothing more disturbing to me and to the spirit world, when someone comes in to see a medium with a bad attitude.

As I said before this is a sacred form of communication, come into a reading with respect and love for the ability, and happy to be able to speak with your loved ones once again. Please don’t bring pictures, items of the deceased, and most importantly don’t tell me anything about who you want to connect with in the afterlife or the circumstance when you book a reading, or when you walk into my office. Let your loved ones speak first, after all, that’s why you’re coming in for a reading.

Marnie is a natural born Spiritual Medium. She has been professionally conducting readings internationally and locally within Canada since 2007. Visit for more information about her and her services.

Marnie’s thoughts on being a MOM

Over the years I have had to learn that there is a lot more to being a Mom, than just mothering your child. Being a Mother is also knowing when you need to stop mothering your child too. I personally think being a Mom should clearly capture the following annotation.

Mother – A person who never starts off qualified to be one, but gradually learns to become a mother through the child they are parenting. This parenting begins to develop into a  special and unique friendship. This friendship may require both individuals to learn how to cope with one another through tough and good times. Mother and child must learn to love without judgement. The mother is usually the one who instills this valuable lesson into the child, only if the child is willing to receive it, and is usually done by experiencing continuing trials and tribulations, which may result in the mother suffering frequent feelings of defeat, doubt, frustrations, and many times anger. These momentary emotions never stay long, eventually the mother will begin to do some soul searching and realize she/he did all that could be done. There are times for mothering and learning when to just be a mom. This may be a hard realization for many. For the child that has been mothered, is not necessarily a product of her/him but a product of life and its lessons. Lastly, one day the mother will realize the next step in life is to enjoy the beautiful soul that has been created out of his/her dedication and love, and has now mastered her/his own journey of being a mom.

Life isn’t a Restaurant

It’s February and two months into the new year. My year started off exactly as I predicted it would. Let’s just say, my husband has lasting goosebumps! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everything went as easy as this?

I have found over the years, that life doesn’t always go exactly as planned or predicted. You may have a plan for you, but God, the angels, and the universe have another plan for you instead, rest assured, it’s always the best plan of all.

This can seem a little confusing and downright aggravating at times, not getting what you want, that is. You may think, it’s your life, why can’t you have it the way you asked or ordered it to be.  Well, life isn’t a restaurant and we can’t just order our day and month to look as we would like it to be. When we become too demanding of the universe, we are no longer in divine flow of receiving all the good the world has to offer, instead, one’s soul can become suspended into a vortex of negativity and pain.

My advice for 2017.  Make a list and write down all that you would like to heal this year, and the reasons you need this healing. Write down how your healing will allow you to move forward in life, and how this healing may positively impact another person and maybe even the world. Meaning, you are showing the universe how your healing can make a difference in your life, and in someone else’s, believe me, your healing can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and it will, if you set the proper intentions. Remember, our purpose in life is to love.

Then begin your journey of healing. When we begin the path of healing the soul, the dark that has been sitting in the soul, perhaps for years, begins to heal. When this happens, you are making room for that divine spark that is within, to really begin to shine. When your divine spark shines, it naturally and positively affects everyone who comes in contact with you. This is when you are helping the world. When you help the world, the universe takes notice and begins to collaborate with you, after all they have been beside you every step of the way, cheering you on and desperately wanting to live a life that is full of richness and love.  I hope this message has helped you today.  God Bless, Marnie