Book Review A Soul’s Journey

I just finished your book, wow, what an incredible read, and I learned so much about myself, really inspirational. Everyone should read it; the world needs more books like this. Cannot wait until you write your next one, Gay and I are going to line up together to get it. Xo ~ Mary

I was mesmerized by your book; the information was overwhelming and very informative. Marnie, I simply loved your book, it took me not even a day to read it, thank you for sharing. ~ Christiane

Congratulations Marnie!! Got your book & didn’t put it down until I was finished! It’s a very honest, interesting & inspiring read – it left me wanting more!! You truly are a remarkable woman, blessed with an amazing gift! Can’t wait for your next book!! ~ Gay

I have started this book…..I love it……….am taking it on vacation to read so I can do so uninterrupted…..Amazing! ~ Barbara

Marnie, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your book was & how much I loved it!! I ordered it the first day & finished it in a day & a 1/2 after I received it 🙂 

Your story is so inspiring & the book arrived at a time when I needed to read a lot of what you have written seems spirit always knows when I need your guidance!! 

Writing is definitely another one of your gifts. Thank you for sharing your story I have so much respect for you and what you do!! I believe you will help & inspire many with your book. ~ Meagan

I just finished reading your book. I felt the need to write you. I felt a deep connection within your words that is so hard to describe. Your book has given me so much inspiration, confirmation and guidance. Your words and your journey will touch many lives as it has touched mine, for this, I am truly grateful.~ Sarah

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