Intuition is your inner voice, your spiritual compass that helps you make decisions and move through life a little more effortlessly. It’s that feeling when you need to make a quick yes or no; it can be that feeling you get when you feel you need to stay away from someone or something.  Intuition is also a moment of inspiration. That internal thought telling you, something is right or wrong, or when you need to move forward with an idea. Intuition is one of the most critical elements of the human soul. We all have it, but it gets clouded when we are afraid to listen to it. Most people don’t listen to their intuition, because they don’t believe in their power. Many times, their inner voice moves against intuition by questioning it. You may hear yourself say, “that can’t be true,” “why would someone say that, or do that to me, or another person,” “why am I getting that information about something, or someone,” I couldn’t be right, I’m never right”, “ I must be making this up,” and the list can go on…..

Intuition is a gift from the higher power (GOD) that is within our soul from the beginning of time; everyone is born with it. It may also be called instinct. When you embrace your power and begin to listen to your intuition, miracles can happen. Some highly intuitive people may be considered old souls; they may even be called “street smart” when it comes to being highly intuitive too. However, it doesn’t correlate with the word psychic, it could, but in reality, it shouldn’t. The word psychic refers to the mind, and intuition refers to the inner self, the inner spirit we call the soul. And many times, the brain which is connected to the ego, unknowingly moves against your intuition. Sometimes it’s an inner fight, depending on what past experiences you have had to endure throughout your life, and what healing still needs to take place for the growth of your soul.

An intuitive hit can come as fast as saying hello, a glance, a simple handshake, walking by someone, or even stepping into a room and feeling uneasy or excited. These are all forms of energy connections. If something does not resonate with you, or you’re getting the caution sign, please pay attention, if it feels right, then go for it.  Your intuition will always show you later, and you should listen to it. Oh, that can be painful. But remember, if you need to experience something for your soul’s growth within this life, you are going to experience it, no matter what! Listening to your intuition can make is less painful.

Even though we want to live our life within gratitude and believe all is good, as people, we must not let our guard down; you never know when you might intertwine paths with someone when you know you shouldn’t. Perhaps you turned left when you should have turned right, allowed someone to enter into your life, or give someone information when you knew their soul was not of the light, signed that document when it didn’t feel right. You bought something when you had hesitation and felt an uneasy feeling when you needed to make a plan. These are all signs your intuition is giving you a heads up, so please listen, you don’t want to wake up one morning, only to realize you just made a mistake, and that mistake has cost you dearly.

So next time you get that nagging inner voice that says’s “stay away, “that persons not good for you,” Don’t trust them, walk away and let God take care of this,” listen, it may save you a lot of heartaches.

Now on the lighter side, and there is one when it comes to intuition, it’s just our minds are programmed to concentrate more on the negative than the positive; remember the ancestral blueprint that’s within all of us. So, Look and congratulate yourself when you do listen to your intuition! You will then learn to listen more. Your intuition will also guide you into positive directions too, it’s not always keeping you on guard, you just need to pay attention to it, either way, it’s here to help you, so LISTEN! Looking for guidance or need to understand your intuition? Book a Soul Wisdom Session, join one of Marnie’s Awakening Workshops or purchase the book a soul’s journey for more information.