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Please note the following:

Due to the delicate nature of Marnie’s services and the fact she prefers to know nothing about your situation before she meets you for a reading, Marnie prefers not to return emails, or phone calls with questions that can be answered within the reading, how she conducts the reading, or details about her, or her services.  All the information you need regarding the reading, Marnie and pricing, is located on this website. To book a reading, you must use the online booking program. If you want to book a group reading, or home healing session, or have media inquires, please email Marnie directly with this in the subject line. Within the online booking program you will find Marnie’s available dates and times for individual and family readings. If the date is not advertised, the date is not available, for individual, or family readings. After you have booked your appointment you will receive the phone number you will need to call through the online booking program, only if you have booked a phone reading. The address where the in person reading will be conducted will also be provided after you have booked your appointment, not before hand. Marnie works in the SW quadrant in Calgary, Alberta. She is close to a major bus route. This location is not wheelchair accessible.