Ethics of a Medium

Mediumship is a delicate and sacred process. This is why I have a strong structure to my readings and comprehensive terms and conditions. I feel it is extremely important for individuals to not only thoroughly understand real mediumship but also understand the true ethics of a medium and to realize being a medium should be focused on serving the Lord. Mediumship is not to be used to gain greed driven desires or forbidden knowledge for one to obtain regarding one’s or another life.
Mediums are here to help you and the deceased heal. 
Marnie’s Ethics of Mediumship
  1. I will always be honest in a reading.
  2. I will create a sacred space for spiritual communication.
  3. I will always begin and end our reading with a prayer of protection and gratitude.
  4. I will not make predictions and forecast future events unless the Lord feels it’s important to disclose certain information to you. Even though some things are considered fate or destiny, meaning some future events are changeable and this is up to you to change it. You will be given guidance on how to make changes when needed.
  5. I only work with the light.
  6. Mediums are not fortune tellers (I am not a fortune teller).
  7. I will not answer greed driven desires.
  8. I will not find or help you find lost objects of value.
  9. I will not give out lotto numbers.
  10. I will not for-see relationship information for you.
  11. I will not prying into other peoples lives for the sitter.
  12. I do not believe in predictions, I will not predict your future for you and neither will your loved ones.
  13. Spirit will not give information that will weigh heavy on your heart or cause you distress.
  14. I will not predict a person’s death **** (please see below).
  15. I will bring meaningful and beneficial messages to you.
  16. I take the work I do and my healing practice very seriously.
  17. I believe you have the power to change and heal anything – if you desire to do so.
  18. I  do not read from pictures, palms, faces, tea leaves, objects from the deceased or cards – they are not needed in medium readings, please don’t bring them.
  19. I cannot and will not put a guarantee on any of my services, no authentic medium or psychic can or should. Information given is based on what Spirit decides you should receive.
  20. I will never provide a detailed reading for someone who is not present in a reading, this is a violation of privacy and is extremely unethical. Sometimes your loved ones provide information for other family members and this will be provided to you, as it’s delivered under the direction of God. This is different for missing persons or cold cases.
  21. I will not pry into other people’s lives this is a violation of privacy and is frowned upon in the afterlife. If your loved ones feel it’s imperative to disclose something to you, I will. It will only be proved if it is in the highest good for all involved.
  22. Many times information about your health is provided in a reading from your loved ones and your spiritual team on the other side. However, I do not diagnose, as a proper diagnosis is a collaboration of information from a variety of certified or licensed medical professionals. What you do with the health information that is provided, is completely up to you.
  23. A prayer is always used before and after a reading, no exceptions.

Client or Sitter’s responsibility in a reading

  1. Please come into your reading with an open mind and heart.
  2. Refrain from expectations of the outcome.
  3. Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions.
  4. Please allow me to conduct the reading my way, not the way of other mediums, or psychics.
  5. Do not give false information.
  6. Understand that spirit communication is very different than speaking with the living, I interpret messages from the dead to the living.
  7. Do not provide me with any information about the deceased until we finish the reading.
  8. Please refrain from alcohol or drugs prior to and during your reading.
  9. Do not demand specific information to come through from spirit.
  10. Do not bring items belonging to the deceased into a reading. Such as pictures or their ashes.
  11. Allow and experience the process of real mediumship with Marnie Hill.
  12. Trust that you will receive all the information you need in a reading.

***God, His Angels and your loved ones do not intentionally provide mediums or psychics with information about your or other people’s death. If this information is provided to you or to the medium, it is coming from your energy field (which is not a guarantee) or a place of darkness, not from the place of light.. God and the angels will never step on your path or alter your path in a negative way. Knowing your death or someone else’s will negatively impact yours and their path. This means, knowing your date of death or another date of death does not serve God’s higher purpose for our lives.*****