Grief Coaching Program

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Soul Enhancement™ Grief Coaching Program

Let's face it; Grief is complicated. Whether you are experiencing a personal loss, feeling trapped in the river of despair, or suffering from difficult life transitions, no suffering is the same. No soul is the same, and no path is the same. Your life and grief are unique to you, and sometimes that can leave a person feeling alone and confused. But there is help and hope.

Marnie always wanted to help others through grief based on her own experiences and training. Once Marnie learned she could recognize unresolved grief in the energy field of one's aura and soul, as she could read the aura and the soul's energy, she knew she needed to add this soul healing service. Marnie says, "Grief is for the living and is more than losing a loved one. Grief is a physical, emotional, and spiritual reaction to any form of loss. This loss can be recent, or it can be unresolved grief, grief from the past."

Spirit Wellness Inc.

How Can Marnie Help?

With Marnie as your Grief Coach, she can help you reconnect with your strengths, energy, soul, coping strategies, relationships, and, most importantly, the relationship with yourself - bringing you to balance so that you can experience joy in your life.

Marnie is no stranger to grief, trauma, and troubled times, and with Marnie's help, you can regain happiness and peace once again. She has learned how to master the healing process.

Marnie provides you with simple and workable spiritual healing tools to help you move forward within your life. Each grief coaching program is uniquely designed to meet your particular needs as, again, everyone deals with life and loss differently, and every soul has its unique path.

Marnie believes you have the answers to your life within you, and the soul carries your life lessons, past experiences, and the meaning of you. Knowing yourself is a powerful thing and learning how to maneuver through life's transitions with you in it is even more powerful. Marnie's coaching programs are designed to spiritually coaching you from point A to point Z; you are in charge of the destination, timing, and how far you want to heal.

Using her solid intuitive abilities during your coaching sessions, reading the energy of your aura and soul. She combines all of this knowledge and helps you heal to reach your enhanced state of well-being.

Marnie can start you off with a seven-week – seven-hour program; if you desire to keep healing your soul, your program can go up to 20 hours if needed to further you on your healing journey.

Marnie knows first-hand and says, "When you start healing the soul and the layers of your grief, it's a little like peeling an onion, you cry, and sometimes you just want to quit, but if you keep going, the job gets done, the tears stop, and the light will shine once again." Marnie works with individuals and families and is available for customized healing solutions. 

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How Do You Get Started?

If you see Marnie for grief or loss of loved ones, please book a medium reading first. The initial medium reading is not part of the program and is important for you and you're deceased loved one. Book a soul advising session first for soul healing other than the loss of a loved one. Your medium reading or soul advising session must be done within 1-2 months of starting the program.

Marnie's Areas Of Specialty Include

  • Death of a partner
  • Loss of a close friend
  • Serious illness
  • Relationship breakup
  • Death of a family member
  • Unresolved grief
  • Transitional changes within ones lfe

This program is offered by Zoom and in-person at Marnie's location in Calgary, Alberta.

Marnie works with people across Canada, U.S. and developed her specialized program in 2011.

Hourly grief coaching zoom and phone sessions are available to book through the schedule button.