Believe it or not, there is good energy, and bad energy. There are  good spirits in this world, there are bad spirit in this world, and there is residual energy that hangs around in homes and around our own energy field. In fact, everything in life is energy. Your energy, and where you live is full of energy. Having experiences with negative energy or spirits doesn’t always mean you attracted this into your life. There may be other reasons.  Perhaps you are needing to get more positive energy into your life, maybe you have been surrounding yourself with negative vibrations (energy), and thoughts. Having Marnie come into your into your home, office, and building to assess the energy within your environment, bless it and you, maybe just want you need.  As a Medium and Clairvoyant, Marnie has the ability to see all of the unseen world, the good and the bad, she also has a gift in being able to read energy, and the energy that surrounds you, your aura.  Marnie was born with this ability, again all to help the living and the dead heal.

During private medium readings, family readings, and group readings, Manie only connects with souls who reside within the light. She prepares herself and her soul differently when conducting walk throughs in homes, providing home and personal blessings, visiting haunted locations, or guiding Individuals through the process of deep spiritual healing. For years, Marnie has been working with individuals offering house clearing and blessing services, she is just doing things a little differently now, utilizing more of her gift of spirit communication and her ability to read energy.

Marnie is not a paranormal investigator, she doesn’t investigate, and she doesn’t just energetically clear homes. She talks to the spirits in your home, or who are around you, reads the energy of your location, and will do her best to find out exactly what is happening within your environment, or to you.

She also focuses on bringing light and positive energy into your space, and your soul.

If you are experiencing difficulties in your home and within your life due to unusual or unexplained experiences, or want to bring more light into your world, Marnie may be willing to work with you. Every situation is different. She works on a case by case basis with people, pricing is $425.00 + GST for 1.5 hours within Calgary.  Please send an email through the contact page outlining your concerns or situation. Marnie is available for other locations within Canada, pricing will vary. Due to Marnie’s busy schedule there is usually a waiting period up to three– six weeks before she can see you, circumstance depending.

Types of situations Marnie works with:

Unusual happenings within your home, such as seeing an apparition, feeling uncomfortable within your environment, experiencing unusual noises, unexplained illnesses, consistent nightmares, feeling scared within your location, unusual personality changes, and feeling tired all the time, again for no apparent reason.

Marnie also provides house and land blessings for people who want to increase positive energy into their location, who have moved into a new location, or have entered into a time of transition within their life, and someone has recently left the premises. She is also available to work on presumed haunted locations when needed. These are just some of the situations Marnie is available for. 

Marnie always provides a spiritual blessing to individuals within the home, home prayers, energy clearing, and spiritual protection on her visit.  You will also be provided with a list by email of what needs to be done for your specific circumstance within a week of Marnie’s visit, if required.

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