House Healing, Clearing & Blessing Services



Everything in life is energy. Where you live or work is full of energy, It has your energy and other peoples energy and sometimes energies from the spiritual world reside within your location too. Marnie takes her work very seriously. Talking to spirits on the other side should not be taken lightly and should always be approached with caution. Even though Marnie has been communicating with the spiritual realms since age five, her first unusual or paranormal experience with the spirit world happened when she was ten and she never forgot it. That experience and many more, lead Marnie down the road of understanding the spirit world and researching the realms of spirit, so she could bring awareness and healing to the living and to the dead. She approaches every situation differently, always with understanding, an open heart, an open mind and a logical one too.

As a Medium and Clairvoyant, Marnie has the ability to hear, read, feel and see energy and the spirit world. Energy around you, positive or negative spiritual energy and spirits within a location. These vibrations, ghosts, or energies affect people differently. During Marnie's time with you she focuses on speaking with the spirit realm, bringing light and positive energy into your space, and your soul. Every situation is different, so Marnie works on a case by case basis. However, she will cover three main areas of service when she is at your location.


Walk Through

First, Marnie will walk through your home or location and assess the energy within the environment. She will tell you what she is picking up at this stage.


Prayer and Clearing

Secondly, Marnie will begin with a prayer for yourself and the location. She will then move forward with her blessing and energy clearing  or healing of the environment or spirit she is working with.


Marnie's Finding

Third, based on what Marnie has been called to do at your location, or what she finds, Marnie will provide you with a closing prayer, personal blessing and tips on moving forward.


New home purchase's, selling of properties, unusual  happenings within your environment, transitional changes within your location, seeing an apparition (ghost), feeling like your environment has lower energy in it. Marnie also works with presumed haunted locations.  She communicates with the spiritual realms and provides you with the information she receives. Marnie is more of a ghost healer, ghost specialist, than a ghost hunter. If there are spirits within your home, or location, she will let you know based on who she connects with (this communication does not take the place of a personal reading).  Marnie will then provide you information on how to deal with the situation and will offer or provide assistance when needed to you and to the spirit. If you would like Marnie to come to your location, please email here with the details of your situation. Average cost for a small - medium size home is $400.00 + GST. Marnie is at your location for about an hour or 1.5 hours. Price is for the Calgary area and Marnie is at your location only once. Outside of Calgary and larger size locations will be subjected to a price increase.

Once pricing, date, and time has been established, you will be sent an invoice. Your payment confirms your date and time. You will receive a confirmation from the online booking program.

Please note; due to the nature of this service, Spirit Wellness Inc., (Marnie Hill) can not put a guarantee to this service.  If you are dealing with a haunting, we can only find out what the spirit wants, why they are with you or in your location, help them and then help you with any particular circumstance you may be dealing with. Marnie has been successfully providing this service since 2011.