1. If you are not booking with a gift certificate, please use the on-line booking program to book your appointment. Your time and date are not confirmed unless payment is received through the online booking program.
  2. Please make sure you have read the terms and conditions on this website as they are firm.
  3. ONLY FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW IF YOU HAVE A GIFT CERTIFICATE AND PLEASE PUT THE GIFT CERTIFICATE NUMBER ON THE FORM. Marnie will contact you directly by email to set up your date and time.
  4. Marnie only lets people who are on the booking form in for a reading at her location. If you are booking a reading for another person, YOU MUST put their name in the notes section when you book the reading for them.
  5. COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS. You will be required to wear a mask upon entering into Marnie’s location and use hand sanitizer before you sit down.  Marnie does have a plastic screen that is between you and her for protection. Please put your face mask back on upon leaving.  Do not attend your session if you are sick, have a fever, cold, sore throat, have been out of the country within the last three weeks or have been around someone who has COVID-19 or is sick.
  6. While Marnie can connect with any departed soul who has recently departed, she does suggest waiting at least 3 months before speaking with a deceased loved one.  Loved ones in the afterlife need time to adjust too.
  7. Phone Readings (Marnie will call you). Marnie will call you at your scheduled date and time. Please make sure you are in a quiet place free of distractions and other people. This is an individual reading only. DO NOT HAVE YOUR CALL ON SPEAKER! IT WILL DISRUPT THE SERVICE. Other people present can negatively impact your reading as Marnie is every sensitive to all energies, which may require Marnie to shut down the reading if another person is present without Marnie’s knowing, no refund provided. She takes her readings very seriously and she expects everyone who is having a reading, to do the same.
  8. All times booked are in MST (Alberta time). 
  9. If you are booking an in-person reading, you will be provided with the location address after your payment has been made. Marnie is located within the SW side of Calgary, Alberta. There is a bus system close; her location is not wheelchair accessible. She does not provide her address before the reading as she works out of a private residence. 
  10. No refunds will be provided under any circumstances.
  11. You may purchase a gift certificate through the store page when they are available.  If you would like a customized gift certificate, please email Marnie and provide the name of the person, their first and last name, and if this is for a special occasion in the additional information section. Marnie will then provide you with a PDF that you can print off or email to the recipient. All gift certificates have an expiration date, and the date is firm unless otherwise noted. Please allow a 72-hour turn around time for a PDF.  
  12. Please be aware due to illness or family emergencies, Marnie reserves the right to reschedule your appointment. If this happens, you will receive an email or a phone call to reschedule your appointment within the next following weeks.
  13. Same-day appointments are not available. 
  14. You will receive a CD after the session is complete. The CD will be given to you after the reading for an in-person session and mailed to you for a phone reading. This is nice to refer back to in your time of need.
  15. You must be 18 and over to attend any of Marnie’s sessions.
  16. Please don’t arrive or call any earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment as Marnie is in prayer before your session. The door will not be answered.
  17. Individual readings are individual readings. Support people are not able to attend your session unless you book a family reading. This is the same for phone readings.
  18. Family readings are for individuals who would like to speak with the same loved ones together and are from the same family (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Cousin’s, Aunts, Uncles).
  19. Please do not bring photos or items of the deceased to the reading, they are not needed, and Marnie will not read from them.


Due to the delicate nature of Marnie’s services and the fact she prefers to know nothing about your situation before she meets you. Please do not provide information about your circumstance or your loved one in the form below. Thank you.