1. Please use the online booking program to book your reading. If you have received a gift certificate please email Marnie. Marnie will automatically put you on a waiting list, however, cancellations are rare. In the eleven years Marnie has been professional delivering messages, she has only had to reschedule twice. She takes her work and her gift very seriously. Your appointment reminder and confirmation is in Mountain Standard time (Alberta time). If you book from another province, please ensure you have looked at the time, Marnie operates her practice in Alberta time. If in doubt please contact her by email at least one day before your appointment to confirm your date time.
  2. Marnie schedule is only available in advance for 6 weeks. If you would like to schedule a reading for later than that, please email Marnie to have your name put on a waiting list.
  3. If you are booking for another person, please put their name in the notes section of the booking form. Marnie likes to know who will be arriving at her door.
  4. Private readings are available in person at Marnie’s SW location and by phone within Canada and the USA. Marnie’s office location is not wheelchair accessible. 
  5. If you have purchased a gift certificate, all gift certificates must be used within the year they were purchased, unless otherwise stated on the certificate. If you have received a gift certificate please email Marnie with your preferred date, time, and the gift certificate number.
  6. You will receive a confirmation and a reminder about your appointment from the online booking program. Please ensure you keep track of the date and time too, as no refunds are issued under any circumstance and no rebooking is available for missed or forgotten appointments. Your date and time is not confirmed unless you have paid for your session and have received the confirmation from the online booking program.
  7. Please ensure you have looked through the terms and conditions page.
  8. If you need to reschedule your appointment you must do so within 48 hours of your appointment by email or your appointment time and fees will be lost. You must rebook within 4 weeks of the original appointment date and time.
  9. For phone readings you will be required to call Marnie at your schedule time, the phone number will be on your booking confirmation along with the address if you are having an in person reading. A toll-free line is available for individuals who are calling outside of Calgary, Alberta.
  10. When having a phone reading please make sure you are free of distractions. No one else is within the area, unless you have booked a family reading (having another person present within the room when you have not booked a family can cause confusion with Marnie and the spirit world. You must book a family reading if another person is present). The deceased will use any opportunity they can to say “hello”.
  11. You must be 18 and over to attend any of Marnie’s sessions.
  12. If you have a gift certificate and would like to book an appointment please refer to step 4.
  13. Please don’t arrive any earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment as Marnie is in prayer before your session. The door will not be answered.
  14. Individual readings are individual readings, support people are not able to attend your session unless you book a family reading.
  15. Family readings are for individuals who would like to speak with the same loved ones together.
  16. Marnie will bring through loved ones that are connected to you. Don’t be surprised if you hear from long deceased loved ones too. You’re not always going to hear from the most recent passing in the beginning of a reading. You will hear from them, just not right away. All your loved ones want to say hello, so please be open to that.
  17. Please make sure you have read the the private reading page and you understand the reading you have booked for.
  18. If you are coming in for a medium reading, only think of a couple of questions you would like to ask your loved ones. In reality, you don’t need to make a list of questions at all. They already know what you need to hear. Marnie controls the reading, but your loved one’s control what they want to talk about, and who comes through. She will always leave time near the end of the session to see if you have a 1 or 2 questions for them.
  19. Please come in with an open mind and heart. Energy is everything, including yours. To make a good connection with the afterlife Marnie needs her energy, your energy and the energy of your loved ones. Cynicism  is a negative distraction and poisonous in a reading.
  20. Don’t show up with a hangover. Please refrain from drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, or having a narcotic within your system for at least 24 hours.
  21. Please wait at least 4-5 months before your next appointment.
  22. Please turn off your phones when coming in for a reading.
  23. Lastly, enjoy your session of spiritual communication and healing.

Please review the private reading page under Marnie’s services section for more information on the reading.

Unless other wise noted, all in person readings are provided at Marnie’s location in Calgary, Alberta (SW).


Due to the delicate nature of Marnie’s services and the fact she prefers to know nothing about your situation before she meets you. Because of this, Marnie does not return emails, or phone calls with questions that can be answered within the reading, how she conducts the reading, or details about her, or her services.  All the information you need regarding the reading, Marnie, and pricing is located on this webpage. To book a reading you must use the online booking program. If you want to book a group reading or have media inquires please email Marnie directly with this in the subject line. Within the on-line booking program you will find Marnie’s available dates and times for individual and family readings. If the date is not advertised, the date is not available for individual, or family readings. After you have booked your appointment you will receive the phone number you will need to call through the on-line booking program, if you have booked a phone reading. The address where the in person reading will be conducted will also be provided after you  have booked your appointment.