Intuitive Soul Session

The Intuitive Soul Session is a Spirit Lead guidance session for your soul. Who may need this service? Someone who has experienced a recent loss of a loved one through death or divorce. One who may be experiencing transitional phases within their lives, such as health issues, career, spiritual difficulties, business decisions, or is in need of personal or spiritual guidance and guidance. Marnie also works with people who are sensitive and are in need of understanding and guidance. YOU WILL BE ASKED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONVERSATION AND MARNIE WILL ASK QUESTIONS. THIS SESSION IS FOCUSED ON THE NOW AND HOW YOU CAN MOVE FORWARD. Your session will start off with a prayer and then Marnie will do a quick assessment of your energy field (Aura) and then connect with your soul. You can see her whenever you feel the need. Marnie has a unique ability to read the energy of your soul, she can see the areas that need healing, understand your soul purpose, and provide you with a strong intuitive and clairvoyant guidance so you can learn how to move forward within your life and become the best version of you.

We all have a unique life path and sometimes we need someone to talk to. A person who will keep us accountable for our decisions, provide positive clarity and direction for your situation and can help you see your challenges differently. Well, this is what Marnie does. Marnie has the ability to see through the cracks in your life and ask the right questions, in fact she looks for what is not being said. Marnie is a person who has also gone through her own life challenges and difficulties, she knows how to positively maneuver through them and she can help you too.

Marnie has spent a number of years studying Psychology at the university level. She is a Certified Master Life Coach and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®. Marnie worked within the corporate sector for over twenty years before surrendering to her gift as a Professional Medium. She held mid level positions in sales, marketing, human resources and management. Marnie also overcame grief at an early age, divorce and her own spiritual difficulties. She is no stranger to painful times and life transitions.

Please note; Marnie does not connect with your loved ones during this session. Marnie is a natural born medium and clairvoyant, she will always work with your energy field and her spiritual team on the other side, however, she doesn’t give predictions or discuss fortune-telling events. This session is growth-focused. Marnie believes some things in your life are destined and other aspects of your life shift with time. If you are coming in for grief regarding a deceased loved one, please book a medium reading first. Your session is a combination of spiritual life coaching, direction, healing and consulting. This session is also available for individuals who have taken Marnie’s coaching program or workshops and are in need of further guidance. Your soul session is recorded and is available in person at Marnie’s office location or by phone for Canadian and USA residents. Location and phone numbers will be provided through your booking confirmation.

Please use the online booking program to book your session. Price is $200.00 (includes GST). You can also book this session with a one hour in person medium reading. Cost is $450.00 (includes GST) for 2 hours.

“There are no ending, only new beginnings”