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Marnie's Approach

As a Spiritual Advisor and Healer, Marnie combines her spiritual and clairvoyant gifts, gift of discerning spirits, and her strong ability to read the energy of your soul and your aura. She uses her training in life coaching, spiritual counselling, spiritual healing, psychology and even theology to help heal your soul and spirit during this unique yet powerful session. The longer the session, the more information you will receive. Marnie will get to the root cause of your life difficulties. 

This session is great for individuals who are in transitional phases or are stuck in life and need guidance and direction. Marnie specializes in helping people heal.  She helps individuals through spiritual warfare. Spiritual Warfare comes from a Christian perspective, but this session is open to all if needed. During this session, Marnie focuses on healing your soul; all sessions are uniquely designed for your specific needs. You will always receive guidance from the Angels, your own soul, and Marnie's spiritual team in the spirit world.

Services for children and teens! 

Marnie also works with children and teens, who are spiritually sensitive and may also experience spiritual and life difficulties. This is done in person only, and a legal guardian or parent must accompany the child or teen. Please put the child's first and last name in the notes section and their age when booking an appointment.

If you are looking for a fortune teller, card reader, information about other people, someone who engages in witchcraft and spell work, this is not Marnie. Marnie provides ethical, life-changing and soul healing information during your reading with her. Every soul is different as every fingerprint is, as every situation is different. The path of your soul is unique to you, and this is what Marnie helps you discover, learn and heal. Marnie believes we all have a unique soul path, and our soul path is full of soul lessons. Sometimes we need guidance and clarity, someone who knows how to help us heal to move forward on our life journey. While Marnie does not connect with loved ones during this session, nor does she provide future predictions as the future is changeable and certain life events are destined. She does work with her team of God's angels during your session. If you must know about your past, present, and future events, this will only be provided to you if necessary. Marnie will provide you with everything you need at the time. Sessions are available in person, phone, skype, zoom. Your session can be scheduled for one hour, as a combo session with a medium reading or as 30-minute reading. All sessions offered to children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by both legal guardians and are only available in person. 

Who might need this service?

A person who is experiencing transitional changes within their life, grief, spiritual difficulties. One who needs direction and guidance, suffering from spiritual oppression or warfare.  Marnie is no stranger to heartache or life transitions. We all go through painful moments, and she is here to help by using her abilities and gifts. If you are not sure what you need but know you need to see Marnie, this is your session. Marnie has the gift of spiritual discernment and uses it when necessary. If more soul healing is required, you can always enter into her Soul Enhancement™ Counselling Program. Marnie developed this program in 2009 and has been successfully providing spiritual counselling  and healing to individuals ever since. A Soul Advising Session is required to enter into this program. If interested please consult with Marnie after your session. 

With extensive education in psychology and theology, Marnie is a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Life and Executive Coach, and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®

Please book a medium reading if you would like to speak with a deceased loved one. This wellness session is for your mind, body, spirit and soul. Marnie does not diagnose illness or medical conditions. If health information is provided to you, it's up to you on how you want to use this information. All terms and conditions apply. 


Prayer First

Marnie will start off with a prayer and white light protection to calm the nerves and prepare for the session. She does not ask you questions, and she does not use spiritual tools.


Listening to your soul & God's angels.

Marnie will spiritually assess your energy field, your aura, intuitively connect with the Divine, your soul, and provide you with the information she is receiving. Please note, the body talks too; Marnie will provide you with what she is receiving in the area, only if it is needed.


Spiritual Advising

Spiritual communication and guidance are provided. After Marnie has provided the information to you, she will engage in a two-way conversation to help you process the information she is providing. Prayer and spiritual blessings (if needed) are provided in your session.

Next Steps...

Please use the online booking program to book your session. The session is available in person (Marnie's office location COVID RESTRICTIONS APPLY), by phone or by Zoom. Skype sessions require prior approval. This session is also available in a combo session a 90 minute session that includes a medium reading. The cost is for one hour $250.00 (plus GST). The 90 minute session is $350.00 + GST.