Is Your House Haunted?

October seems to be a popular month to talk about haunted houses, seeing ghost, hearing strange noises, after all it’s the month we celebrate the Halloween season. However, you don’t need to use Halloween as an excuse to feel more comfortable talking about haunted homes, seeing ghosts, or talking about the unexplained noises you may be experiencing.  Our human world is shared with a spiritual world, and the spirit world will use every opportunity to speak to the human world, especially when spirit has something they really need to say. And this isn’t always a scary thing. It may seem scary for people who are not used to talking, and seeing the dead, but in reality, its a very normal thing.

When you hear noises or see a ghostly figure, it’s more than likely your deceased loved one trying to get your attention, and sometimes it isn’t. When your loved one is dropping in to say “hello” you will more than likely experience things such as, familiar smells, that remind you of them, the lights gently flickering on and off, you may feel them brush up against you, or you may feel they are in the room with you. It’s not uncommon to get images within your mind of your loved one, or have them leaving coins, or something that reminds you of them. What your loved ones are doing is trying to let you know they love you and they are okay. You will experience feelings of love and peace, if it’s a loved one visiting from heaven.

However, what if you are experiencing something different? Could these be signs of a haunting or negative energy trying to cause havoc within your home, and within your personal life? Maybe so. Here is a list of warning signs you may want to keep a look out for.

  1. Unexplained noises – Noises such as growling, a loud knocking, or scratching noises should be a concern.
  2. Lights flickering on and off repetively.
  3. Eerie Shadows – Dark shadows either human or animal like. They are difficult to see and move fast.
  4. Extreme cold spots- Even a loved one can create hot and cold energy when they are around, but it won’t be extreme where it stops you in your tracks.
  5. Household items that disappear and reappear at random – I would say you may have a negative trickster in your midst if this is happening.
  6. Doors opening and cabinets acting erratically, closing loudly, and frequently.
  7. Peculiar pet behaviour – An animal staring at a good spirit is normal, they may stare at the wall, or watch something that the human eye can’t see. If the animal is sensing something negative, it will become scared and may bark or growl continually, or retreat to a safer place.
  8. Mysterious voices – Your loved one could say hello and you might hear it. However, if its something negative, you will hear a consistent whispering or crying.
  9. Unusual scratches on the body. Like I said before, you may feel a loved one brush up against you, but they will not leave scratches, grab you, or clamp down on your body parts. If this is happening, then a spirit is trying really hard to get your attention.
  10. Emotional changes – If you are consistently feeling depressed, uncomfortable, angry, or not yourself, and there is no explanation for this, then you may have a negative ghost draining your energy field.

Warning: The last three indicators should be taken seriously, and you should consider having your situation assessed from a professional medium, and supernatural or paranormal investigator.

Written by Medium Marnie Hill –

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