Marnie’s Ethics as a Medium

While we have grown into a modern world, heaven, the afterlife, the other side, God, Creator, death, Spirit has not changed. It is the same today as it was in the beginning. Marnie believes we are all on a journey that God needs us to experience. She has been on a journey seeking spiritual truths for many years, understanding heaven and communication with the spirit world, including the angelic realm, the unseen worlds and God.

Marnie indeed has a heart for Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. However, all her readings and services are non-denominational when needed, as she is here to help you heal. Marnie feels faith is essential to her medium readings and messages, and it’s imperative in her line of work. Marnie has trust in heaven and strives to make sure her services align with the desires that God has for her spiritual gifts. She understands the Levitical Code regarding speaking to the dead and knows which type of communication is prohibited. She brings forward the importance of this spiritual information into our modern world.

Spiritual information you need to know!

1) Marnie does not force the dead to communicate against their will. She opens the door to heaven to whom be would like to speak with you at this time. Please do not push communication. If your loved ones want to talk, they will. And they usually do.

2) Marnie will always test the Spirit before she begins the reading.

3) Marnie does not use magic to speak with your loved ones. No one should use magical incantations, such as charms, or any magic formula, or psychedelic drugs, to bring your deceased forward or to have an encounter with your deceased loved ones, or the spirit world.

4) Marnie does not conjure up spirits for entertainment or speak with the deceased for amusement or to seek forbidden knowledge. She provides this communication for healing purposes only.

5) No personal belongings Please! Do not bring your loved one’s ashes or item of theirs to bring them forward; this includes photos. This act forces communication from the deceased and is not in alignment with heaven. Marnie stays in alignment.

6) Marnie will not use divination tools. Mediums are born mediums and do not need tools to talk with the afterlife. Divination tools such as cards, tarot cards, ouija boards, pendulum, and angel cards should never be used in a reading to speak with deceased loved ones, to gain forbidden knowledge, or to seek any form of spirit communication. Using these tools is not aligned with heaven and may bring forward demonic forces instead.

7) Marnie is a Messenger for heaven; she is not a fortune teller, witch, nor is she a necromancer; there is a difference.

8) We should never ask the spirits, angels, or deceased loved ones about the future or future events in your life or others. Please don’t ask this in a reading. If your loved ones know something and feel it is essential, they will disclose this with you. Marnie believes the Holy Spirit will give us what God wants us to hear and will inform your deceased loved ones of this. Please don’t ask your loved ones to bring forward specific information before the reading so you know it’s them.

9) Marnie will never pry into other people’s lives during a session. Please do not ask your loved ones to give you information about other people or information about friends and family members within your life. This questioning is considered prying and unlawful in heaven and can damage your soul. If God feels it’s important for you to know, it will be provided.

10) Marnie does not ask questions of you regarding your deceased loved ones. She relays the information your deceased loved ones, as Spirit tells her.

11) A Prayer to God and protection from Archangel Michael is done prior to and at the end of your session.

12) Marnie believes speaking with loved ones who have passed on is a scared process, and she will do her best to bring you the healing God feels you need.

Please use the on-line booking program to speak with your loved ones in heaven!

In Loving Memory of Marnie’s Aunt who passed away from COVID-19 in 2020.