Medium Reading,Psychic Soul Advising Session & Reiki Healing

Private Readings

Spirit Wellness Inc.

Marnie is an Evidential, Light Trance Physical Medium, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Healer, and Empath. Her one-hour private medium readings, psychic soul advising sessions, combo sessions, and family readings are provided by phone, Zoom and in-person.  Marnie is a professional natural medium; her Zoom and phone sessions are the same as in-person sessions, as your loved ones come directly to Marnie. 

Please use the online booking program to book your session by clicking the schedule button. All medium readings, combo, and psychic soul sessions are recorded; you receive your recording by email. Please note; There are no refunds for any of the services. Your booking is non-transferable, and your payment is non-redeemable in cash. Per the terms and conditions, 48 hours of notice is required to reschedule your session. You can reschedule within 30 days, when 48 hours if notification is received. 

Medium Readings

Marnie works within God’s light. Born with this powerful healing ability, she will provide you with loving and healing messages from your loved ones in heaven. The spirit world (your loved ones) already know what you need to receive and hear from them.  They are more than willing to provide Marnie with evidence of their existence while on earth and to show you that they indeed are happy and well on the other side while providing you with healing and guidance.

In a medium reading, Marnie will provide solid evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the other side. Marnie is an evidential (provides powerful evidence), physical (the deceased soul merges with Marnie’s soul), and a mental medium (abilities to receive mental impressions and images from the dead). This is your reading; the medium reading is all about you, and all medium sessions are different.

As a natural-born medium, Marnie has spent over 45 years perfecting her gift of spiritual communication. She is a voice for heaven and is well-known for bringing forward strong validation and healing information from your departed loved ones. She has been providing spiritual healing for years.

Marnie receives information on who they are, how they passed, and how they look in the medium reading! She will bring through their personality, which is the most crucial validation. Spirit will provide her with information about life events, and they will often present their names and family and friends' names. She also requests your loved ones to give her additional information unique to you and them.

Before your session starts, Marnie will inform you how it will be conducted. Marnie is extremely sensitive during her sessions as she merges with the heavenly realm; she asks that you come into your session with an open mind and heart and allow the session to unfold as it needs to. You must follow the instruction Marnie brings forward before the session starts.

Spirit Wellness Inc.

Individual Psychic Soul Advising Session

Marnie can see what others can not see. Marnie is a clairvoyant (psychic) as well as a medium. She can see and feel beyond the normal senses and was born with this ability. Her finely tuned capabilities allow her to read your aura, your emotional energy, the energy of your soul, your timeline as it is presented to her, and the emotional and spiritual blocks that stop you from living your best life. She can tap into your soul records and see your life lessons. She tells you as it is presented to her during your session. You will always receive exactly what you need at that moment in your life. 

This session is not for someone expecting a tarot card reading, a fortune teller-type reading, or someone who wants Marnie to tell you everything about your future, leaving you to believe your future is not changeable. Because it is, this session is excellent for individuals in transitional phases or stuck in life who need guidance and direction. Marnie specializes in helping people heal and move forward, and she will tell you precisely what she is receiving while empowering you to live your best life. 

She will let you know what is blocking you from moving forward and advise you on your life and your soul life lessons. Marnie will let you know what she see's in your energy field and provide you with information her spiritual team offers you, as they will always show Marnie what it is you need at this time in your life. She may cover your past and present areas and help you move toward your future. 

Sessions are available individually or as a combo session with a Medium Reading. Marnie encompasses intuitive and spiritual counselling in all of her soul sessions. 

How does a Psychic Soul Advising Session work?

In the first part of the session, Marnie will tell you everything she is experiencing and receiving from you. The next part of the session will be a conversation with Marnie on what has come forward to help you with your healing, and she leaves time for Q&A.

Areas covered may include but are not limited to spiritual difficulties, relationships, soul lessons, health, wellness, life purpose, career, and future events. While many times future possibilities are presented in the reading, please note fate and destiny are genuine; however, you can change many of your life experiences and future events. 

Marnie has extensive education in psychology and theology. She is a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Life and Executive Coach, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, Ordained Minister through (ULC), and Certified Reiki Master/Teacher.  

Marnie is no stranger to troubled times, we all need guidance to help us on our life path, and that is what her gift is here to do. 

Suppose you require further or in-depth healing in a specific area. In that case, taking Marnie's customized soul healing coaching program is advised after your psychic soul advising session or medium reading.


Reiki Healing with Energy Reading

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is an ancient form of energy healing performed by the light touch of hands, allowing the energy to flow from practitioner to client. It is extremely powerful, yet this gentle energy can easily be channelled just by intention. Reiki healing is a natural therapy that gently balances life energies bringing the client health and well-being. Using her intuitive and psychic abilities, Marnie will provide you with an energy reading of your aura and soul after this session. Your session is a 90-minute session, available in person only. This complimentary energy therapy works well at helping various health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, grief, fatigue, cancer and heart disease, to name a few.

Types of Readings & Pricing:

Marnie will record your session, your recording will be sent through email. You may also voice record your own session.

Marnie is an accurate medium, psychic, empath, and clairvoyant. Her sessions are impactful, healing, and full of information from your loved ones and Marnie on what she is receiving for you. She has been connecting with Spirit all her life. All your sessions are booked in MST; please check your time zone. All one-hour sessions are 50-60 minutes in length. 

  • INDIVIDUAL MEDIUM READING: Available by zoom or phone for 50-60 minutes, it is $250.00 + GST. In-person is $275.00 + GST. 30 min Medium Readings are also available by zoom or phone cost is $150.00 + GST. Please understand there is only so much information and deceased individuals that can come through in a 30min session. You may hear from the loved ones you desire, and you may hear from someone else. Marnie has no control over this. 

  • FAMILY MEDIUM READING 50-60 minutes (2 PEOPLE - FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY). Available by zoom $325.00 + GST.  In-Person is $350.00 + GST.

    COUPLES MEDIUM READING (50-60 minutes ( 2 PEOPLE - DO NOT NEED TO BE RELATED).  Available by zoom $325.00 + GST. In-Person is $350.00 + GST. Reading is done together. Marnie will bring through messages from deceased loved ones for the both of you. 

  • INDIVIDUAL COMBO SESSION:  Part of your reading is a medium reading, and the other part is a soul advising session. There will be time for Q&A. Available by zoom or phone for $250.00 + GST.  In-Person is $275.00 + GST. The session is 50-60 minutes and is recorded. 

  • INDIVIDUAL REIKI & A ENERGY READING SESSION: This is an in-person session. Marnie will provide you with a 50-minute Reiki Healing Session. Your session will then follow up with a 30 min energy reading (no mediumship). Your reading will include Marnie's information for you from your Reiki session. 90-minute session. $275.00 + GST 

  • INDIVIDUAL PSYCHIC SOUL ADVISING SESSION: Available by zoom or phone at $250.00 + GST, 50-60 minutes, In-Person is $275.00 + GST, or a 30 minutes session phone or Zoom for $150.00 + GST.  No mediumship is available in this session. 

  • The above pricing is in Canadian Funds. 

    Please ensure you have read the terms and conditions. Marnie asks that you provide no information about the reason for your booking or information regarding the deceased. Pricing can change without notice, your booking will confirm your price and date, and there are no refunds. 

Family readings are for immediate family members: husband, wife, partners, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, and extended family members. Please do not have a friend outside your family circle to attend as a family member unless you want to hear from the same loved ones. Couples Medium Readings do not need to be related.