Paranormal Advising

House Clearing & Blessing Service

Having supernatural or paranormal problems in your home, location, or in your personal life?

Everything in life is energy, and everything from human beings to objects produces spiritual energy. Even the deceased carry an energy pattern with them. The power that others may be able to feel and see. Some energy is negative, while another energy is positive. Marnie is an expert at reading spiritual energy, human energy, and communicating with the spiritual realms. She offers a variety of services to help bring peace into your life. With great success, Marnie has been offering house clearing blessings and discernment services since 2011. Marnie was certified in 2007 as a Reiki Master/Teacher.

Who would benefit from these services?

  • Feeling uncomfortable in your own home.
  • Seeing an apparition (ghost.)
  • Feeling like your environment has low energy.
  • Your location has frequent parties or events.
  • Electrical disturbances, unusual smells, odd noises, objects displaced or missing.
  • Unusual feelings of not feeling well.
  • Having a sense of feeling haunted.
  • Feeling like someone is in the room with you when no one is.

I see dead people!

Marnie isn't kidding when she says this. Marnie was born a medium, and she has been connecting with the afterlife since age five. However, Marnie also has another unique ability, which she calls the gift of discernment. Her spiritual wisdom means Marnie can determine and know if the spirit is from God or another force that may be considered dark or evil, and she knows how to help you with what is happening with your or within your location.   Her first paranormal experience happened to her around age ten, and she has had many more. Marnie takes her work very seriously; and works with individuals experiencing real spiritual challenges and paranormal problems; this is not a hobby for her; it's her life and calling.  Marnie's quest is to bring awareness, truth and healing to the living, healing to the deceased, and she helps earthbound spirits transition to the other side.

Marnie's Services

Marnie offers three separate services, or you can combine your services. Marnie will customize a package to what it is you may need. You can always work closely with Marnie through her Spiritual Advisory services if you need healing from spiritual warfare or need further guidance as you move forward from any form of personal or environmental haunting. Marnie uses a variety of paranormal and spiritual tools to help her with the process. All personal blessings are given to individuals who need this in the first two options in her services, and she will let you know any spirit information she has received. However, these services do not take the place of individual reading. You must book a medium reading to connect with a loved one or book a spiritual soul session to receive specific information.


House Clearing, Blessing Services, Spiritwalk through and Parnormal Advising

For Calgary, Alberta residences. Out of town service will have a different cost.

Medium Marnie Hill

Spirit Walkthrough and Paranormal Advising Session

Marnie will come to your residence. For Calgary, Alberta locations only.


Healing the Soul

Marnie offers spiritual discernment services through her Soul Enhancement™ Coaching Program. This program is focused on healing your soul. Everything is customized to your needs.

Next Steps...

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