Phone readings are conducted in the same format as in person readings. Your loved ones always come towards Marnie. She creates a safe place for you, your loved ones, for her, and for spirit communication. A soul reading is also conducted the same way as a medium reading.  However, Marnie does’t connect with loved ones during a soul reading.

Phone bookings are not offered through the online booking program.  Please fill out the form below and send it to Marnie. Marnie will review it and email you back with some available dates and times. Marnie books 6-8 weeks in advance. Once you both have agreed to the times, you will be sent an invoice. You are required to pay the invoice before your date and time is confirmed. You are not confirmed until you are sent the phone number, you will need to call her at your confirmed time. All booking times are in MST. Please check your local time and call Marnie in Alberta time. All terms and conditions apply as per

You will receive a CD of your recording. A $15.00 dollar shipping fee will be added to your invoice for all Canadian and USA residents. You do have the option to voice record your own reading, eliminating the $15.00 charge.

It is requested you look through the private reading page and understand the reading you are booking, before you book with Marnie. It is requested that you use a land line. If you are using a cell phone, Marnie can not guarantee the quality of your service or sound.

Phone readings are only available as individual readings. You are asked to be in a quiet place and free of distractions and other people’s energy. Marnie requests that no other people are in the room with you, as it can negatively impact your reading. Price for one hour individual readings is  $235.00 + GST. For more information about the readings please view the private reading page under Marnie’s service section. It is requested that you do not provide any information about why you need a reading or the circumstances.