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Medium Readings with Medium Marnie Hill

A medium reading is where Marnie speaks with your deceased loved ones. Loved ones may consist of family members, partners, spouses, friends and even pets. Marnie also offers family medium readings. In any of Marnie's reading, she will always provide you with the information your loved ones give her and any important information her spiritual team on the other side feel you need to hear.

Private readings are offered in-person at Marnie's office located in Calgary, unless otherwise noted, by phone and by Skype. Readings are 50-60 minutes in length for private readings. Private medium readings may be combined with the soul session at booking.   All readings are recorded, you will receive a CD at the end of your session. You must be 18 and over to attend Marnie's readings. 

Marnie only works within God's light. Please allow the reading to unfold as it needs to. The spirit world (your loved ones), already know what you need to receive. Trust they will provide you with everything you need to hear and experience in your session with Marnie.

What is a Medium Reading? 

In a medium reading, Marnie will connect with your departed loved ones in Heaven and provide you with strong validation and soul healing information. Marnie is a Natural Born Medium, she will bring forward evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the other side. Marnie is an evidential (provides strong evidence), physical (the deceased soul merges with Marnie's soul), and a mental medium (abilities to receive mental impression and images from the deceased). This is your reading, the reading is all about you and every reading is different.

The Reading

With the help from Spirit, she has spent over 45 years perfecting her gift of spiritual communication. Marnie is well-known to be able to bring forward strong validation and healing information from your departed loved ones. In the medium reading, Marnie receives information on who they are, how they passed and how they look! She will bring through their personality, and this is the most important validation there is. Spirit will provide her with information about life events and many times they will provide their name and/or the names of family and friends. She also requests your loved ones to provide her with additional information that is only unique to you and them. 

Marnie will leave time near the end of the session to see if you have any questions for your loved ones or for her.

Talking to your loved ones in heaven is one of the most healing experiences you can ever have. Marnie offers in-person, phone, Skype, individual readings, group, and family readings. These sessions are delivered in person in Calgary, Alberta SW. A CD will be provided for one hour of individual and family readings. Individual medium readings are also offered by phone or Skype for Canadian and USA residents. All readings must book booked through the online booking program unless you are looking at booking outside of Marnie's schedule date. Then use the form on the how to book a reading page.All times are booked in Alberta's time (MST). You are required to read and accept the terms and conditions as a condition when booking your appointment. Pricing is subject to change. 

If you are booking an appointment for another person, please provide their name in the notes section either on this form or through the online booking program. 

More Information on Mediums & The Reading

A Medium is a person who has the ability to communicate with individuals who have passed over into the world of spirit, which Marnie calls Heaven. This is a sacred form of communication, and healing, which should be respected at all times.

A true Medium is born with the gift of spirit communication and receives information from your departed loved ones and God's Angels.

Having the ability to speak with deceased loved ones should be respected by all people, including the medium, and never taken for granted. Mediumship is available to help people move through loss, life transitions, and to help the spirit world heal too. It's also important to let you know, your loved ones in a reading will not tell you how to live your life or provide you with information that may leave you with a heavy heart or feelings of negativity and fear.



Your loved ones will talk about their lives, their passing, what has happened since they have passed, and perhaps they may even provide you with some quality advice.

However, they are not going to tell you what to do or give you predictions.  As this is your life and you must make your own decisions. They will give you guidance when and if it is needed. Think about this. What would you talk about if you had a chance to speak with a departed loved one once again? Memories of things you did together?  What is talked about in a reading is really up to your loved ones and will always be for the highest good for all involved.



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More about the Reading.

Marnie is a professional in her field. She uses her gift of spirit communication for healing purposes. The majority of Marnie's clients are referred from previous clients, current clients, and from professionals within the health and mental health industry. She is honoured to share this gift that helps so many.

Testimonial from Meagan


Testimonial from Carol's Reading. October 2017


Marnie always starts off with a prayer, as prayer is the most important element in bringing forward God's white light of protection and healing and to call forward the light of spirit and your loved ones.

Being an Evidential, Physical and Mental Medium, Marnie can feel, hear and see spirit, and yes sometimes she can see spirit with her physical eyes too. She also receives symbols that represent specific information from spirit. It's a language that is unique to her and to spirit. And sometimes no symbols are needed, she can communicate with them just like they are sitting down and having a conversation with her and the people they love.  All one hour or family readings come with a CD.   



Pricing is subject to change without notice.

  • FAMILY MEDIUM READING (2 PEOPLE IN PERSON)   $300.00 + GST (50-60 minutes)
  • FAMILY MEDIUM READING (3 PEOPLE IN PERSON) $350.00 + GST. (60 minutes). Please allow an extra 15-20 minutes for everyone to receive their CD.

(Family readings are for immediate family members which may consist of husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, and sister. Please do not have a friend attend as a family member.) Thank you.