Private Readings


Private Readings with Clairvoyant, Psychic, and Spiritual Medium Marnie Hill

Marnie's main focus of service is to connect with your loved ones in Heaven.  This may consist of family members, partners, spouses, friends and even pets. Marnie is also a spiritual messenger and a psychic. She offers a number of different types of readings, such as a medium reading, combo reading (mixture of medium reading, and a spiritual psychic reading), and a spiritual psychic reading only, for people who are in need of guidance, but don't need to connect with a loved one at this time.

Private readings are offered in person at Marnie's office location in Calgary, unless otherwise noted, and over the phone. One hour readings are 60 minutes in length. All one hour readings are recorded, you will receive a CD at the end of your session.

Marnie only works within God's light. Please be mindful of the questions you are seeking to have answered. You must allow the reading to unfold as it needs to.  The spirit world (your loved ones), the angelic realms, and the holy spirit already know what you need to receive. Trust they will provide you with everything you need to hear and experience in your session with Marnie.

What is a Medium Reading? 

In a medium reading, Marnie will connect with your departed loved ones in Heaven and provide you with some soul healing information. Marnie is a natural born medium, she will bring forward strong evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the other side. Marnie is an evidential (provides strong evidence), physical (the deceased soul merges with Marnie's soul), and a mental medium (abilities to receive mental impression and images from the deceased). Please note: If you are also looking for guidance, please book a combo reading or book a spiritual psychic reading at a different time. A medium reading and a spiritual psychic reading are two very different readings.

What is a Spiritual Psychic Reading?

Marnie doesn't connect with loved ones during this time, someone may briefly come through to say hello, but her focus  is on you, and the path of your soul. The information provided may encompass a wide area, such as, personal, spiritual events, current events, past, present, probably future events, and information about you soul. This information may also included  career, life path, health, relationship information, past lives and guidance for the future. The information Marnie receives comes from a Divine source. She may connect with your God records and Akashic records. Marnie may connect and see your aura and guide you through emotional blocks you have have endured within life, she may talk to your spiritual team and she will definitely talk to her spiritual team on the other side. Marnie will only provide you with healing and useful information to help you move forward within your life. This is your reading, the reading is all about you and every reading is different. Please be mindful of the questions you seek. If it is not for the highest good for all involved within the reading, your questions will not be answered. Information you receive in a reading is information you need to hear from your spiritual team on the other side, not necessarily the information you want to hear. God and the Angels know best.

What is a Combo Reading? 

Marnie will connect with your loved ones first. In the second half of the reading Marnie will connect with her own spiritual team on the other side,  and the Angels, to provide you with loving divine messages that are intended to guide you on your life path. The second part is the Spiritual Psychic Reading. Please note; if you are wanting to connect with many loved ones and are wanting to have a deep conversation with them, please book a medium reading. A medium reading and a spiritual psychic reading are two very different readings and Marnie can only talk to so many loved ones within 20-30 minutes. 

The Reading

With the help from spirit, she has spent over 45 years perfecting her gift of spirit communication. Marnie is well known to be able to bring forward strong validation and healing information from your departed loved ones and guidance from the angelic realms. Regarding your medium reading, Marnie receives information on who they are, how they passed and how they look! She will bring through their personality, and this is the most important validation there is. Spirit will provide her with information about life events and many times they will provide their name and/or the names of family and friends. She also requests your loved ones provide her with additional information that is only unique to you and them. 

Marnie will leave time near the end of the session to see if you have any questions for your loved ones or your angels. If any other information needs to be provided to you during your reading, it will be.   You will always leave your reading with healing, clarity and the divine guidance you need. Whatever information is brought forth in a reading is meant to be received. 

Talking to your loved ones in heaven is one of the most healing experiences you can ever have. Marnie offers individual readings, family readings, and readings that include a grief or life coaching session. These session can be delivered in person in Calgary, Alberta SW, by  phone in Canada and within the USA. A CD will be provided for one hour individual and family readings.

Marnie's book "a soul's journey" is available to purchase with your in person readings and is personally signed by the author.

To book your reading please use the online booking program. You will see an icon on the bottom of each page. Click it to enter into the program. For further information regarding Marnie's readings please review "About The Reading" page on this website. All times are in Alberta time (MST). You are required to read and accept the terms and conditions when booking your appointment.

Please do not provide or email Marnie with information you are requesting to hear from deceased loved ones, spiritual guides, angels, or the divine. 

If you are booking for another person, please provide their name in the notes section. 

More Information on Mediums & The Reading

A medium is a person who has the ability to communicate with individuals who have passed over into the world of spirit, which Marnie calls Heaven. This is a sacred form of communication, and healing, which should be respected at all times. Marnie is also able to connect with the other realms of light. This may consist of angels and spiritual guides who are also on the other side.

It's important to note; all mediums are psychic, not all psychics are mediums. A true medium is born with the gift of spirit communication and receives information from your departed loved ones. A psychic receives information from your energy field and your spiritual guides. Marnie is both, a medium and a psychic. She uses all the C's in her reading. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience (this is very strong with Marnie), Clairsentience, Claircognizance and of course her strong intuition. She hears, feels and sees spirit. 

Having the ability to speak with a deceased loved ones should be respected by all people, including the medium, and never taken for granted. Mediumship is available to help people move through loss, life transitions, and to help the spirit world heal too.

Marnie personally feels talking to your departed loved ones in heaven should never be used for fun or as a party trick.  And while it's okay to have a child over the age of 11 sit in a Medium reading, it's not wise for a child to receive a psychic guidance or use divination tools. This can be dangerous to their soul and future growth.



Its also important to let you know, your loved ones in a reading will not tell you how to live your life or provide you with information that may leave you with a heavy heart or feelings of negativity and fear. They will talk about their lives, their passing, what has happened since they have passed, and perhaps they may even provide you with some quality advice. However, they are not going to tell you what to do, and they are not coming though to give you predictions.  This is your life and you must make your own decisions. They will give you guidance when and if it is needed. Think about this. What would you talk about if you had a chance to speak with a departed loved one once again? Memories or things you did together? or would you talk about your finances and love life? What is talked about in a reading is really up to your loved ones, and its truly amazing, they already know what you need to hear. 



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More about the Reading.

Marnie is a professional in her field. She uses her gift of spirit communication for healing purposes only. The majority of Marnie's clients are referred from previous clients, current clients, and from professionals within the health and mental health industry. She is honoured to share this gift that helps so many.

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Marnie always starts off with a prayer, as prayer is the most important element in bringing forward God's white light of protection and healing and to call forward the light of spirit and your loved ones.

Your loved ones always come directly to Marnie, so you don't need to physically be present to have a good reading. This is why phone readings work so well and provide the same information and experience as an in person reading.

Being an evidential, physical and mental medium, Marnie can feel, hear and see spirit, and yes sometimes she can see spirit with her physical eyes too. She also receives symbols that represent specific information from spirit. It's a language that is unique to her and to spirit. And sometimes no symbols are needed, she can communicate with them just like they are sitting down and having a conversation with her and the people they love.  All one hour or family readings come with a CD.  

You will have the option to add a grief/life coaching session to your reading. Readings are available in person or by phone. 


  • FAMILY MEDIUM READING (2 PEOPLE)   $300.00.00 + GST (60 minutes)
  • FAMILY MEDIUM READING (3 PEOPLE IN PERSON) $350.00 + GST (60 minutes)
  • MEDIUM READING & GRIEF COACHING   $400.00  +GST (approximately 100 minutes - 2 hours)


**If you have booked an individual phone reading, please make sure you are alone or no one else is within the area of your reading (this includes other family members), as this can cause confusion within the reading***

Unless other wise noted; all in person readings are provided at Marnie's location in Calgary, Alberta (SW). Marnie is NOT located within the D.T. area. You will be provided with her office address after you have purchased your reading. All terms and conditions apply. Refunds are not provided under any circumstance. There is a bus system located near her and its easy to get to. Sorry location is not wheelchair accessible.


Due to the delicate nature of Marnie's services and the fact she prefers to know nothing about your situation, before she meets you. Marnie does not return emails, or phone calls with questions that can be answered within the reading, how she conducts the reading, or details about her, or her services.  All the information you need regarding the reading, Marnie, and pricing is located on this website. To book a reading you must use the on-line booking program. If you want to book a group reading or have media inquires, please email Marnie directly with this in the subject line. Within the on-line booking program you will find Marnie's available dates and times for individual and family readings. If the date is not advertised, the date is not available for individual or family readings. After you have booked your appointment you will receive the phone number you will need to call through the on-line booking program, if you have booked a phone reading. The address where the in person reading will be conducted will also be provided after you have booked your appointment, it will be on the online booking receipt you receive by email and on the reminder.   Marnie is a licensed Psychic Practitioner and she works out of her home location.