Soul Enhancement™ Healing Program



With the ten-week, ten-hour Soul Enhancement Healing program, Marnie combines her knowledge, expertise of reading energy and the soul and helps you raise your energy vibration while providing you with healing.

Marnie created this program in 2011 and has been helping change people's lives ever since. While this is a ten-hour program, you will have the option to continue healing with Marnie; the longer the program, the more layers we can heal of the soul. While this spiritual healing program has specific steps, each program is customized and designed to your particular needs.

Whether you are experiencing loss and feel trapped in the river of grief, healing from difficult life experiences and trauma, needing guidance on your sensitivity, or having spiritual challenges, Marnie can help you. Marnie has been providing spiritual healing and guidance full-time for over 13 years.

In this program with Marnie, she will get to the root cause of your soul pains, help you align with your soul purpose and move you towards a better, peaceful and happier life.

Since each program is customized to your needs, you will need to have a medium reading first to move forward with healing grief and loss. A Soul Advising session is required for any other situation. The reading is not part of the program.


Please fill out the form below. In order to enter into the personalized one-one program, you will need to have had a reading with Marnie with the last 30 days. If it has been longer, you will need to book a reading with Marnie first, through the online booking page and after the session, let her know you are interested in moving forward, to heal your soul. 

The current reading is imperative to the success of the Soul Enhancement™ Healing Program.

Your sessions are available in-person, by phone and Zoom.

The cost for the 10 hours 10-week session is $1750.00 + GST.

If you are unsure if you can commit at this time for the ten-hour session, you can purchase through the store page a reading and two individual one hour soul healing sessions.

If you have already been through the program and would like to see Marnie on an occasional basis, please book a spiritual counselling session through the online booking page.

All in-person sessions have been suspended until further notice, due to the unpredictable COVID-19 situation.