Soul Enhancement™ Grief & Life Coaching Program

(Bringing peace to your own soul's journey)

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Life can be complicated and overwhelming, making knowing where to start your healing journey and how to move forward is challenging. Marnie, a life and grief coach, can help you heal your soul with her customized coaching and Soul Enhancement™ Life and Grief Coaching Program.

Marnie received spiritual steps from her spiritual team in Heaven in 2010, which helped her develop her coaching program. She uses these tools to raise your energy vibration, clear old patterns, discover your unique self, help you through spiritual difficulties, and move through grief, life transitions, and relationship loss. You can also learn how to connect with your intuition and communicate with the power within you.

After completing the first seven hours and seven weeks of the program, Marnie can help you move toward healing more of your soul and intuitive development. However, it is essential to heal the soul first to be a clear and clean channel.

In 2015, Marnie wrote a book called A Soul's Journey, which shares the valuable tools and healing she gained on her journey. She believes every soul is unique and requires a different approach to healing. Marnie's program covers all the steps from A to Z, ensuring that your healing journey is an investment of time and energy that lasts.

Marnie's program is a soul-healing program that takes time and courage. She believes proper healing can be a smooth transition, and taking the time to heal your soul correctly is essential.

How Can Marnie Help?

With Marnie as your Soul Enhancement Life or Grief Coach, she can help you reconnect with your strengths, energy, soul, coping strategies, relationships, and, most importantly, the relationship with yourself. This will bring you to balance so you can experience joy in your life regardless of whether you are moving through grief, divorce, relationship breakups, health issues, life transitions, spiritual oppression, soul lessons you were born with, or spiritual difficulties. Marnie can also help guide your empathic and sensitive abilities. She can help bring your life out of pain and chaos and back into happiness and peace. As you embark on a healing path, you instinctively learn to listen to your inner voice and intuition. With Marnie's program, she can eventually teach you how to connect with your intuition more and hear guidance from God, His angels, and your spiritual team on the other side. Unlike a weekend course on intuitive or psychic development, Marnie's program focuses on healing the fundamental parts of the psychic and intuitive connection. This program is a lifelong investment for you and all components of your life. Marnie has mastered the healing process and is no stranger to grief, trauma, divorce, and troubled times. With Marnie's abilities, spiritual gifts, knowledge, skills, education, and life experiences, she can guide your healing and enhance your well-being.

How Can You Get Started?

If you are losing a loved one, we recommend you book a medium reading as your first step. You can book an angel reading or an intuitive spiritual counselling session for other healing-related issues. After your session, please inform Marnie that you want to start your healing path. The first session of your healing program must be done within three months of starting the program. Healing is a commitment to yourself. Marnie requires you to purchase a seven-hour program that costs $1444.00 + GST. You can buy another seven-hour program through Marnie to continue your healing journey and experience more peace and happiness. The program is offered through Zoom and can be provided in person at Marnie's location in Calgary or through Zoom and in-person. To get started, please email Marnie. Your soul, mind, body, and soul will thank you. When you work with Marnie, be ready to open your heart to love and peace and move into your heart-centered soul. You will remove negativity, fear, judgment, anger, attachments, and resentment. Please note that your reading must have been done up to three months ago to begin your program. Please book a reading first if it has been longer than that. 


Thank you, Marnie. You have helped me through a challenging time. Your perspective, guidance, and faith in me greatly benefited my recovery. Without your Soul Enhancement Coaching program, I couldn't have survived my difficult divorce. Thank you. R.L, Calgary.

Marnie, you are gifted in so many areas. I had a medium reading with you, and your strong connection with Spirit blew me away. I knew you were the person who could help me move through my loss, and with your help, I did! Thank you so much. I am genuinely grateful to have received coaching and healing from you.
B.V., Canada

Dear Marnie. Thank you for all your help. Your coaching and healing have helped me see the soul that I am. Your unique and gifted perspective to see what others cannot see helped me get to the root cause of my problems in this life. I didn't always want to acknowledge what I didn’t want to see, but with your help, I finally did, and now I can move on and heal from my many losses. Thank you. I am so grateful I found you.
Sheila, USA.

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