Soul Enhancement™ Life Coaching Program


Marnie Hill ~  Clairvoyant Medium, Psychic Empath, Soul Enhancement™ Life Coach and Author

Not only is Marnie one of Alberta's Top Clairvoyant Mediums, she is also a Certified Master Life Coach, Psychic Empath an Intuitive. Marnie works with women who want to learn how to live life with a fulfilled soul and break away from their toxic life. Marnie developed her coaching program in 2010 and has been helping people live a better life ever since. She is passionate about leading women away from fear, old beliefs, grief, spiritual difficulties, and destructive habits that have been holding one back from happiness, peace and inner fulfillment.  Each program is structured with a unique customization to fit your needs. Marnie uses energy healing and works at healing your chakras when needed.  Marnie also works with sensitives and empaths and helps with their journey of understanding and acceptance. 


Within this seven-week, seven-hour core coaching program. You will learn how to incorporate some specific spiritual practices and knowledge into your life while healing your soul. Cost for the seven-hour program is $1050.00 + GST. Once you are finished with the seven weeks, you can continue on a 4-week 4-hour program and experience even deeper healing and guidance or you and Marnie can concentrate on the other areas below. The seven-week program is offered in-person sessions only. The cost for 4 hours is $600.00+ GST.



Grief Coaching (4 hours)

Grief can come in many forms. Loss of a loved one, divorce, break up, loss of childhood, loss of career. Your grief can be current or perhaps you are dealing with a loss from years ago and haven't taken the time to heal.



Life Purpose Coaching

(4 hours)

We all have a unique soul purpose within this life and it's to be happy. Our purpose actually is much different than we think our career is and sometimes they intertwine with each other.



(4 hour rotation)

Want to continue pealing the layers back of your soul and really get where you want to be?  You can meet with Marnie once a week or once a month. You will be required to purchase a 4 hour session. Marnie will always keep you motivated and accountable.

Next Steps...

Marnie asks that you book an in person intuitive soul session first. This will give you and Marnie a good idea if this program would be beneficial for you. If you are looking to  focus on grief coaching regarding loss of a loved one, please book a medium reading first.