Soul Enhancement™ Life Coaching Program


One of Marnie's favourite quotes "What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen". ~ Henry David Thoreau.

Not only is Marnie a well respected Medium, she is also a well respected Spiritual Life Coach. She has spent over 25 years processing her own healing and recovery, all the way from loss of loved ones, divorce , life path challenges, self discovery, to personal and spiritual enrichment and intuitive awakening. Lets just say, she has learned a thing or two about life, the spirit and the soul. Marnie has a large amount of spiritual tools in her tool box and she knows how to get your soul healed, so you can move forward on your own life path. Your coaching program may encompass areas such as spirituality, health, energy healing and human consciousness. Marnie has a very strong ability to find the hot spots inside your soul (the darkness- the negative) and help you transform them into your sweet spots (the light- the positive).

Marnie personally developed this coaching program several years ago, which helps people find meaning, purpose and healing within their own lives. Many people are experiencing UNRESOLVED GRIEF and aren't even aware this is what's happening to them, leaving a person feeling lost, confused and empty. Marnie will help you see your challenges, your soul lessons within this life and guide you into healing your soul. It's still your journey, she is only advising you through the process of healing, self discovery and providing you with some valuable tools that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.


This is a soul healing and grief coaching program that is about healing you, so you can start living a happier life, once again. In life we can get lost, confused and many times ready to give up. It doesn't have to be this way, there is hope, healing is possible. All you need is the right guidance, a willing heart to heal your soul, to grow spiritually and the desire to experience inner peace.  Marnie has helped many people with this program and she is ready to help you become all that you can be.

This program is directly customized to your individual needs, as every soul is unique, as is every finger print. Marnie will also teach you how to hear the Divine and connect with your inner voice which many people call "intuition".

You will meet with Marnie weekly or every other week for 1- 1.5 hours at a time.

Perhaps you want to heal from loss of a loved one, loss of childhood, or maybe you are ready to move forward after a loss of a relationship, career, or a divorce. Maybe you are in need of spiritual awareness, an awakening, soul healing and growth, or perhaps you just know something is missing in life and you need some soul healing and guidance, what ever it is, this program is for you.

After you have completed the program, you will have an option to see Marnie on a monthly basis, if needed.


What started out as a three month coaching program with you turned into six, because I saw so much value in our time together. It's been five months since our last session together and I am still digesting information or advice that you have given me. Nowadays, on a regular basis, something in my daily life will trigger me to reminded by something you have taught me, directly or indirectly. I'd like you to share my feedback on your website so that others can read what a client of yours thought of the program.

Personally, I am so amazed with your professionalism and your ability to communicate effectively and positively. You provide very practical guidance and tools, which is what I need because I am such an emotional person, so I benefit from concrete steps and ways of thinking. You are a very grounded person and I sense that your mission in life is to truly support someone to live their life fully with happiness. Most importantly, I trust you and feel safe around you.

As wonderful and necessary as the whole experience was for me, personal growth and learning isn't always pleasant. I recall those times while driving to your house and my stomach was in knots because I know you will want me to face something that I've buried or don't want to deal with head on. There were times where I sat at your table with a mountain-pile of tissue that I've used up from wiping away tears. And I remember the sessions where I went home, ate and slept because that was all I had energy for. And then there were the activities or tasks that you wanted me to do and my mind would fight it not out of laziness but because my ego wanted to protect itself from addressing/discovering something. It was time for me, is all I can say; and clearly, you did your job well.

From the deepest part of me, I thank the Universe for you and your talents and that our lives crossed at a time where I needed unbiased support and direction. I was not myself when I signed up over a year ago and now I feel like my true self again. Of course, I still have challenges to work through and I still have soul questions to find answers to, but I am no longer stuck and I feel like I'm on the path I was meant to be one.

Thank you, Marnie, for everything.

Warments regards, A.L. ~ Calgary, Alberta 

Through this program Marnie will not only inspire you and empower you, you will be provided with the right tools that you can incorporate into your daily life. Marnie will guide you to a place that feels safe, healthy and hopeful. She will help you live your life with more meaning and purpose. Marnie is a Certified Master Coach, Certified Life and Executive Coach, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and a Reiki Master Teacher. She has spent over 20 years studying psychology, personal and spiritual development and over 10 years studying various energy and spiritual healing modalities.

Please note; Soul Enhancement ™ is a legal trade mark name under the Canadian Trade Mark Act since 2014 for Marnie Hill owner of Spirit Wellness Inc.



Please purchase a Soul Enhancement Wisdom Session through the store page first.  This is not part of the program and is extremely important to the success of the program. Please inform Marnie prior to your session, if your wisdom session is part of the initial coaching process for you. At this time Marnie will determine, what your needs are and if you are a good fit for her program.



From the wisdom session, Marnie will be able to determine what direction is beneficial for you. Once you have committed to the program, she will then begin to design a specific program that is unique to you and your situation.There is approximately a 3-4 week waiting time for your program to start with Marnie Hill.



You are on your way to a happier and more fulfilled you!

You have the option to purchase a 6 or 12 hour/week program. Of course the longer you commit to the program, the more healing you will recieve  The cost for the 6 hour program is $900.00 + GST and the 12 hour soul coaching and healing program is $1800.00 GST. Payment is required in step 2 before Marnie will design a program specifically for you. Program is available in person only.