Spirit Rescue Service

What is a Rescue Medium?

Being a Rescue Medium is not what many people think it is; it is not about rescuing or helping lost or stuck souls in-between worlds. God and His angels know where every soul is and will always be there to help them transition into the afterlife, heaven. However, some souls are not ready to go to the other side, as they have unfinished business with the living world. And this unfinished business is to help heal their soul. 

While the soul works at healing in heaven, sometimes, they need to speak with the living, and that's where Marnie comes in. 

Question to think about? 

What if your loved one could not get a message to you and you didn't think you would see a medium? Perhaps they would work hard to get your attention, and this attention is coming through in an energy disturbance, making you feel ghosts are haunting you or your area. It can and does happen. 

Some Real Truths! 

A soul can remain in a location and unintentionally cause disturbances because they need healing from the living world. All areas have residual energy. Some residual energy is thick and harmful, making the living world feel sick and anxious. God can find all his people; some people don't want to go to heaven. Angels are real; ghosts are real, and we can speak with the deceased loved ones. Negative energy and negative spirits are real, evil is real in the physical world and in the spirit world.

Your loved ones do come to visit and check in to see how you are doing from heaven. There are guidelines for loved ones to enter into this physical world from heaven, and one is not to harm. Free will is real in the living and the nonliving world. We really never die; we change form. All souls that pass into the light will go through a soul review of their life. The dead don't know everything, and no, they do not know everything about the future. The deceased are people, they are the essence of who they were, they remember, they love you, and they want to heal! 

There is help! 

An opposing force or spirit can try and harass you if you intentionally or unintentionally permitted them to do so.  A soul can hang around you, feeding off your energy, especially if you gave it permission or your energy vibration is low due to several circumstances. It does happen, and these encounters are not suitable for living people. 

How can Marnie Help?

Not only does Marnie speak with deceased loved ones in heaven, but she is also a Rescue Medium. Being a Rescue Medium is not an easy job, but it is an important one and one of the medium's highest callings. She works at helping spirits who are earthbound and are not ready to move towards the light. She works with various energy levels, spirits looking for redemption, guidance, and negative energies that need healing and moved on from your location or personal energy field. She helps all souls heal to move on into heaven; she will help them move on from their earthbound surroundings in her house clearing and blessing services. If a person has an energy attachment, she will proceed with the removal process in her soul advising and spiritual energy session or customize a session to your specific needs. 

Many times people who have been experiencing spiritual difficulties need continued support. Marnie offers Deliverance Coaching and will customize a service that meets your needs. Deliverance Coaching is available after Marnie has provided you with a House Clearing and Blessing Service.

Since, 2010 Marnie has been successfully working as a Rescue Medium and has been providing her clients and the spirit world with the healing, closure, and peace they need. God, His angels, Marnie's spiritual team have been teaching her this work since her awareness of the spirit world since she was a child. 

As a natural born medium, marnie talks with deceased loved ones, connect with the angelic realm, can detect all spirits, negative energy attachments, and residual energy; she can read people's spiritual energy, ghosts, and energy locations, items and earthbound spirits. 

Spirit Rescue Services:

  • Are you feeling uneasy in your location?
  • Experiencing negative energy and feel it's coming from the spirit world?
  • Need to have your location energetically assessed? 
  • Want to have a home clearing and blessing services to feel more comfortable in your environment?
  • Having negative experiences and feelings, is it coming from the spirit world?
  • Do you see ghosts or an apparition in your location?
  • Do you hear strange noises, experiencing strange smells?
  • Are you having unusual physical and mental health issues?
  • Feeling watched or that you are not alone in your environment? 

Marnie can help you with her Spirit Rescue Service.  

Marnie offers a variety of services. She can provide walk-through spirit services. A spirit walk-through is where Marnie will read your location's energy and identify any spirit energies that should not be at your site. She can provide you with house clearing and blessing services. With a house clearing and blessing services, Marnie will do a walk-through first, clear the energies within your location and spiritually bless the area with holy water and bless the individuals within the place with prayer and anointing oil. And if you have a negative energy attachment on your energy field, she can help with the spirit removal and healing process. This service is done at a later date and is customized to your needs.  

Your first step is to fill out the form below, and Marnie will contact you within 24-48 hours by email. Services are always customized to meet your spiritual needs. Extra fees will be applied for locations outside of Calgary, Alberta.