House Clearing & Blessing Services


Marnie's Approach

Marnie's strong ability to connect with the spirit world has lead her to work with the more difficult side of spirit communication when needed. Marnie is solution-focused. She works with individuals and families who feel they are being haunted, experiencing unusual paranormal experiences, who need resolution and healing from their situation. Marnie always works with the spirit world too, helping them if and when needed.

Marnie's Story

Since 2011 Marnie has been offering house clearing, house and individual blessing services, and spirit investigative work. She has worked with a variety of individuals and families who are having unusual spiritual experiences. Marnie is no stranger to ghostly or paranormal encounters. She believes in this work and will never put judgement on the souls who are suffering. She is here to help guide the living and the dead heal. This is her calling.


House Clearing & Blessing Service


Marnie is at your location and will read the spirit energy of your home, office, land, structure and environment. She will let you know what she has experienced and from there will be able to provide you with specific information. This is great for anyone desiring to sell or buy a new location.

Cost $300.00 +GST for one hour.

House Clearing and Blessing


After Marnie has conducted her walkthrough, She will conduct a House Blessing and Clearing Services. Marnie does work with prayer, sage and a variety of other spiritual tools. Personal blessings are also available for people who desire this also. Marnie will let you know what spirit information through and will provide information to you that is needed.

The cost is $400.00 + GST for One hour or one and a half hours.



If you have had Marnie provide you with a walkthrough and a house clearing and blessing and would like to work with Marnie for further guidance and continual healing she is available to either work with individuals or families on a case by case basis. This is only available after the house clearing and blessing services have been conducted.

Next Steps...

Please send an email and provide us with the service you need. Marnie will contact you within 24-28 hours by email with an available date and time. Payment is due upon date confirmation as your payment confirms your date and time. All terms and conditions apply. All fees are for the city of Calgary, Alberta. If you are outside of the city limits an extra fee may apply.