Spirit Rescue Services


There Is Always A Solution

Signs you might need a Spirit Rescue Service.

  • Feeling tired or depressed for no apparent reason?
  • Unsettled in your location or workspace?
  • Feeling watched when no one is around?
  • Hearing unusual noises?
  • Lights flickering on and off?
  • Are you moving to a new place?
  • Selling your home?
  • Object missing or moving around?
  • Are individuals in your home experiencing unexplained phenomena that are affecting them?

As a Paranormal Guru, Marnie works at expelling the darkness out of your world and bringing you closer to the light. One of the highest callings of a Medium can be helping souls transition towards the light and serving as a gateway for healing the unseen world. Marnie provides healing to the living world by delivering messages from Heaven. She also works at helping spirits who are earthbound and are not ready to move towards the light. The dead can grieve too. It's just different than the world of the living. This often happens because they have unfinished business with the living world; they need messages delivered to help them heal. That's where Marnie comes in. She works with various energy levels, spirits looking for redemption, guidance, and negative energies that need healing and moved on from your location or personal energy field. Marnie's work is transformational and healing, she helps the spirit and you heal.

Sometimes those bumps in the night you are experiencing aren't positive energy or a deceased soul at all. Sometimes, it's negative energy or even an unwelcomed spirit taking up residence in your location. If the energy or entity has a harmful intent, moving this darker energy can be more challenging. Still, Marnie believes there is always a solution, and healing is possible.

Marnie considers herself a Rescue Medium and has been working professionally within this capacity since 2010. Experiencing the supernatural world at age five, her first unusual paranormal experience was when she was ten. Marnie cannot only see but also hear, feel the deceased in heaven and the angels. She can also detect negative energy and darker spirits. This is a gift too. She can naturally detect souls within our physical world, see negative energy attachments and residual energy; she can read people's spiritual energy field, the energy of spirits, locations, items, and earthbound spirits, (AKA) ghosts.


Spirit Rescue Services

Suppose you feel earthbound spirits are disrupting your world, feeling haunted from the unseen realm or know something isn't suitable with your location. In that case, Marnie offers Spirit Rescue Services and Spirit Releasement Healing.

Spirit rescue is needed when the spirit world haunts your space, and you would like the ghost's energy healed and moved on.

Marnie offers a variety of customized services. She can provide walk-through spirit services and assess you and your location. A spirit walk-through is where Marnie will read your area's energy and identify any spirit energies that should not be at your site. She can provide you with house clearing and blessing services. With a house clearing and blessing services, Marnie will do a walk-through first, clear the energies within your location, spiritually bless the place with holy water, and bless the individuals within the area with prayer and anointing oil. And if you have negative energy attachments on your energy field, she can help with the spirit releasement and healing.

Marnie works with individuals and families and is available for customized healing solutions. She also offers a remote spirit and paranormal walkthrough and provides energy healing and prayers to you and your location locally and internationally. You may book this directly through the online booking page for remote services. For any other bookings or customized solutions please send her an email. 


Working with Realtors & Home Sellers

Marnie also works with realtors or individuals trying to sell their home and need more positive energy within their home or business or experiencing spirit difficulties within the location.

All services are customized to meet your unique needs. Please send Marnie an email with details of what you are experiencing.