Paranormal Consulting


There Is Always A Solution

Signs you might need Marnie's specialty Service.

  • Are you feeling tired or depressed for no apparent reason?
  • Unsettled in your location or workspace?
  • Feeling watched when no one is around?
  • Seeing an apparition (ghost)
  • Hearing unusual noises?
  • Are you moving to a new place?
  • Are you selling your home?
  • Are individuals in your home experiencing unexplained phenomena that are affecting them?
  • In need of a house clearing and blessing service? 

As a Medium and a Psychic, Marnie can work as a Paranormal Consultant and offers various specialty services within the paranormal. From house clearing and blessings services to spirit walkthroughs. Guiding individuals through spiritual difficulties themselves, working with individuals experiencing challenges with the spirit world. She believes in ghosts and that our environment can affect us energetically and knows there is a solution to all our paranormal or supernatural experiences. 

There are many reasons why someone may be experiencing unexplained phenomena within their environment and their own lives. Marnie connects with your location's energy, your energy, and the spiritual energy of the unseen realm. She will tell you what she is experiencing and receiving from you. Marnie can provide a spirit walkthrough or a house clearing and blessing service and provide energy healing for yourself when needed. Marnie's work is transformational and healing; she helps the Spirit and the Spirit in you heal. Services are customized to your individual need.

One of Marnie's specialty service areas is helping individuals through spiritual warfare; she has a rare gift to discern spirits. She can feel, see, and hear all the levels of the unseen world. Marnie also works with empaths and sensitive children with difficulties with their abilities, people who feel haunted, and this disturbance is affecting their everyday lives.

Sometimes, your paranormal troubles are not solely from the spirit world but both worlds, the spirit world and the physical one. Marnie believes there is always a solution, and healing is possible; she uses her gift to help bring you healing and peace.

Marnie has been working professionally within this capacity since 2010 and has spent years as a professional medium. She is a natural-born medium; she has had supernatural and even paranormal experiences at five and beyond and is a master at reading spirit energy and talking with the afterlife. She can naturally detect negative energy, attachments, residual energy, darker spirits, and earthbound spirits (AKA) ghosts.

If you are experiencing paranormal issues, please email Marnie, and she will get back to you within one business day. Please note; if you are outside of Calgary, travel fees apply. You will be provided with a quote based on your current needs. Marnie also works as a psychic medium, providing her professional knowledge and services to other paranormal researchers or investigators. 

If you are a realtor, a person who is looking at buying or selling a home, please email Marnie will your inquiry through the contact page, and you will be contacted within 24 hours.


Haunted Homes, People, and Locations?

Marnie offers a variety of services and will provide customized services when needed. She can give walk-through spirit services and assess you and your location. A spirit walk-through is where Marnie will read your area's energy and identify any spirit energies that should not be at your site. She can provide you with house clearing and blessing services. With a house clearing and blessing services, Marnie will do a walk-through first, clear the energies within your location, spiritually bless the place with holy water, and bless the individuals within the area with prayer and anointing oil. Conduct removal of energy or spirit attachments, guide you through the process of spiritual warfare, and give guidance and counselling when needed, especially when your situations are beyond the normal range of understanding. Please note; that Marnie's connections with the spirit world during these sessions do not take the place of a medium reading or psychic soul advising. Please book a private medium or family reading if you want to connect with a deceased loved one. 

Marnie works with individuals and families and is available for customized healing solutions. 

Some Testimonials! 


Recently, I also had Marnie complete a home blessing in our new house. She provided my husband and me with some tips on how to keep the energy of our home full of love and light as well as bless the space. Marnie even provided us with some other important messages we needed to hear.

I would highly recommend any of Marnie’s services (and regularly do)! Thank you, Marnie, for sharing your wonderful gift with us. Samantha


Working with Realtors & Home Sellers

Marnie also works with realtors or individuals trying to sell their homes and need more positive energy within their home or business or experiencing spirit difficulties.

All services are customized to meet your unique needs. Please send Marnie an email with details of what you are experiencing.