Soul Enhancement™Spiritual Workshop Series

Welcome to Marnie’s Spiritual Development Workshops.

“Marnie takes you on a spiritual journey of self healing, self care and your own ah-ha moments”

These workshops are great for individuals who are wanting to learn about spiritual healing, are highly sensitive, want to learn about Usui Reiki, the Chakra system, or feel they are empaths and want to learn how to better their life and healing.

Spiritual development is the process of inner healing and spiritual guidance. This process is to help your soul and you, evolve and awaken within this life time. Marnie believes we incarnate within this life to learn and and experience life. She also believes you are here to learn how to forgive and love, so you can become one with God and the self. Marnie’s teachings may range from intuitive development, soul healing, training for empaths, chakra clearing and knowledge, spiritual evolution, afterlife communication, meditation, and spiritual tools to help you move forward within this life. Marnie has spent years understanding her own unique abilities as an empath and highly sensitive person and has been offering a variety of spiritual workshops/courses since 2008. The gift of senstivity can take you into many career paths, life challenges and life experiences, she is here to guide you through the process. Current Soul Enhancement™ Awakening Series is below. Please go to the online booking program to register for your course.

Current Workshop “THE AWAKENING”

This course is a powerful and intense workshop for individuals who feel they are an empath, a highly sensitive individual, who feel they have been called to walk the path of a spiritual Intuitive or healer, or who are looking for some guidance and knowledge to help them navigate through their own spiritual journey.   Not sure if you are an empath or highly sensitive person? Not to worry, you will be provided with this information too. Marnie covers areas on how to live your daily life as an empath and highly sensitive person, tools for healing and learning about spiritual energy. She will guide you how to walk your own spiritual path while awakening the divine that’s within. She will cover everything you will need to know, and more. This workshop is extremely important for anyone who is planning on entering into the healing or psychic industry. ALL WORKSHOPS MARNIE OFFERS WILL ALWAYS HELP YOU HEAL FIRST. 

Why spend the day with Marnie? Marnie isn’t only a Medium, Psychic, and Healer, she has spent her whole life as an empath and a highly sensitive person. She has lived this life and survived it. Marnie teaches the tools she has learned to use over the last 40 years. She knows exactly how to make this gift, work for her and so can you. The path of a sensitive and an empath is a difficult one, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn how to shine your own light on this planet and live your life with fulfillment, happiness and love for yourself and others.

Awakening Series .

Course Date: TBA

Hours: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Cost$400.00 + GST per person.

Location: Calgary, Alberta. THIS COURSE IS FULL

PART TWO “THE CHAKRA LIVING COURSE”  Understand how energy works and how your sensitivity works. 

No prerequisite. However, The Awakening part one is an extremely important course to take. Learn how to heal your Chakra System, raise your vibration, connect with spirit, meditation and more. Hours 10:00 – am – 4:00 pm. Cost $300.00 + GST per person. SEE CHAKRA LIVING PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS. Course is limited to 8 attendees. Please email Marnie to register.


Prerequisite Part One “THE AWAKENING” & “THE CHAKRA LIVING COURSE” This will be a private registration. Meaning you will have to contact Marnie first, as she wants to make sure you are a good fit for this workshop. More information coming soon. 

Date: TBA

Please note: Marnie does not offer medium or soul readings during any of her workshops. If you want to hear from a loved one or are looking for guidance you will need to book a personal reading with her. Thank you in advance for your respect regarding spirit communication.