There is more to this world than you will ever know!

The other day after I spent most of my week channelling souls who have committed suicide, I just wanted to break down and cry at the end of my week, but I didn’t. I never do, cry or break down that is. If I feel overwhelmed with my readings, I simply pray for the souls who have passed and the souls of their loved ones who are still on this earth, living the best way they can, without them. I know the deceased are in a safe place, and after my clients hear from their loved ones, they too know their loved ones are safe and sound in heaven, tucked away in God’s Grace.

While I was praying in my meditation the other day, something hit me. I felt an energy force hit me right in my heart, a feeling I had never felt before. Now, I have had many mystical and spiritual experiences, but this time, it wasn’t even the angels talking to me, no it was the holy spirit, graciously speaking to me. I’ve heard it before, but this time it was different, more powerful and a little life-altering. Now before you think I have lost my mind, wait a minute. God speaks to all of us; sometimes, we just need to listen and be open to the possibilities that his loving energy is available for all who wish to receive.

After some contemplation of my experience, I knew that this experience had a more significant meaning than I could have ever imagined. My experience was teaching me something about my future and life. That’s how God and the angels talk to us through our experiences, and no one ever stops learning, not even after death. Our soul is energy, and in a constant vibrational flow, it never dies. This state of vibration is very dependent on where we are sitting within the realms of heaven. Yes, heaven has many different levels within it, and I’m not just talking about the lower level hell, there is more, so much more to the afterlife, and I can’t wait to write and talk all about it in 2018!

I do want to mention something; I think you may find it very interesting. Even though the deceased tell me they aren’t in pain anymore, and are spending time with loved ones, and are happy, or they were ready to go, no one, not one of the thousands of souls, I have talked to over the years, has ever told me they preferred being dead than alive. If you think about it, all they talk about is their memories of life and spending time living. I think this speaks volumes about life and this world. When we die, we become healed, and we see our life through awakened eyes, not eyes that are filled with pain, anger, sickness, or hate. So they tell me, the deceased, that yes life is beautiful on the other side, and they are at peace, it’s a beautiful place, but nothing beats being alive!

I hope this newsletter has helped you today. If you have recently lost a loved one, please make sure you get a chance, please view my recent video on Facebook, as I spoke about “grieving through the holidays” and will have some more guidance this week.

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Medium Marnie Hill