The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

Our world is in pain. As a sensitive, if I allow myself, I can feel this pain daily. You just have to be aware and look around, or turn on the T.V., to know that all is not well within this world. Whether it’s the fear of governmental issues, fires, explosions of mass killings, countries at war, or ones on the brink of war, pain is evident in our world.

This discord in our world isn’t something new. If we look back at the ages before us, especially in ancient times, we are no different from that time; only now, we are a little wiser and much more effective in managing our ways, our thoughts, health and our crimes. You may be asking yourself, as a sensitive, how do I effectively move through my day? Well, when I need to keep myself feeling balanced, connected, and at peace, I pray! I pray for others and this world, it works wonderfully for me.  We all have the choice to make a positive difference in our society, and prayer is just one of the ways we can all do this.

Prayer can also play an essential role in healing one’s own mental, physical, or spiritual self. Yet, sometimes we forget to pray. I think it has a lot to do with how we view prayer. Some people just don’t know how to pray, while others think of it more as a religious thing. Well, how about we just say it’s a human thing, the more we all pray, the healthier we may all become! 🙂

I’m a firm believer asking for prayers and giving prayers is a form of spiritual healing and self-care. You don’t have to pray out loud; you can pray in silence. You don’t have to sit at the edge of your bed with hands in a prayer position; you can do it anytime and anywhere. All you need to do is bring your focus to God and your prayers. Prayer brings us closer to God, and He is the infinite energy source of love. When you tap into the energy of God or the force of God, you don’t want to let go. That’s what happened to me. I have been on a spiritual journey over the last couple of decades, not only has my faith increased, I have become a firm believer in spiritual practices, and prayer being one of them. Engaging in the daily practice of prayer is and can be different for everyone, yet it can be a powerful habit to form.

Thank you for all who have been sending in their prayer requests. I have been busy connecting! So keep sending them.

I would like to give you a testimonial on prayers; please see the story below.

God Bless!
Canadian Medium Marnie Hill & Owner of Spirit Wellness Inc.

A Witness to Prayer

I would like to share with you how prayers impacted my life.  Last June, I collapsed at a soccer game and was taken to the hospital.  At the time, I thought I had a heart attack; however, the paramedics quickly ruled that out with an EKG.  As a consequence, I was tucked into the corner of a hallway for the next 10 hours before further tests were done.  After constant pain and agony, the doctor finally had a CAT Scan performed. It was then that they discovered that I had a ruptured Aorta (created by a genetic disorder which forms a Dissected Aorta).   I was bleeding into my abdominal cavity, and for that last 10 hours, my organs had limited oxygenated blood.  My intestines, kidneys, liver and other organs were starting to fail.  I was then rushed to another hospital for immediate open-heart surgery.

That is what began the next five months in the hospital.  I believe I am alive today because of prayer.    From the moment I collapsed, prayers were lifted to God on my behalf.  First, from family and friends, and then to many other people who only knew of me through a simple request for help.  How do I know it was prayer?  Because it was a prayer that brought me back.  There is more to the story, but I know that God is real, and I am here because of prayer; I am here because people took time to pray.

I think we are given these mystical experiences to remind us that there is more to life than just this life.  When this happens to you, these are the moments that you cannot explain away, and so they become tangible evidence that life exists in another place, another dimension.  I call these moments “God moments,” because, with it, you encounter a divine message.  It is a message that stops you and helps you in the path of life.    Prayers play a crucial role in our lives because they connect us not only to God but to each other.  In our willingness to ask God, we find a deeper meaning to life and this yearning in our soul for one another.