The Chakra Living Course


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN REGISTERING FOR THIS COURSE PLEASE EMAIL MARNIE. DATE: SATURDAY, MARCH 2ND 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Marnie only offers this course once or twice a year. This is the only date scheduled for 2019. 

  • Introduction to Energy
  • Learn about the Aura and the Chakra system
  • Healing your chakras
  • Learn how to feel and read energy
  • Experience an opportunity to learn how to read another persons aura (Marnie will always tune into your energy field and tell you what she sees too).
  • Learn about protection and grounding techniques
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • Learn how to connect with your spiritual team on the other side
  • And more of course. Marnie always allows spirit to direct her day when needed

Course is $300.00 + GST, per person. Course includes a booklet written by Marnie Hill. Please email Marnie directly to register Marnie has been teaching this course since 2012.