The truth is, the truth rarely feels normal. This concept is continually tested when I do a reading. Is there anything normal about me talking to invisible people and relaying messages to you, from your deceased and the angels? No, not really. However, it’s very healthy and authentic for me, and you. 

Believing and grasping the concept that life does live on after our souls move from the physical plain to the invisible worlds, is very real, this concept isn’t new, it’s been around since ancient times. And that can be a scary concept for many. If you have had a reading with me, you will know that your loved ones are alive and well, just in another world.

That other world offers many advantages; one is healing the soul, the other is taking time to visit the living and silently watch over, shining their light on you. Some souls are just a little louder than others. When you get an opportunity to touch this light, the light that’s brought forward from a spirit as I have, something happens to your soul. At least, that’s what happened to me. It feels like God has touched you, and you are never the same.  It does take time for the light to mould you where positive change comes to fruition. Patience is needed. You will be tested to see just how far you have moved forward within your healing. What hasn’t been healed in the physical world, will eventually need to be healed in the spirit world. 

Christmas is a time for celebration and contemplation. When one sheds old thoughts, fears, and actions, ones that don’t serve your soul, this releasement makes more room for the light to emerge within you. And that is my prayer for you this season. I hope you find the light within your soul and bring it out into the world, the world needs you, and so do your loved ones, even the ones on the other side. They need you to be happy.

God Bless, Marnie Hill Email:

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