Usui Reiki Energy Healing

One day while quietly sitting in meditation, Marnie was in physical pain and discomfort and had no idea what was going on. She asked her guides and angels for help and guidance… and something amazing happened. Loud and clear, she heard the word REIKI. Because the answer was so unmistakable, she immediately stopped her meditation and proceeded to research what Reiki was all about (she had never even heard the word before that day!) Her search led her to instantly register for all the courses she could find. She didn’t know why… she just knew she was supposed to do it.

This ancient form of healing immediately brought “miracles” to Marnie’s life. She knew if it enhanced her own life that dramatically, it could be used in combination with her other gifts to heal the lives of other people. Today, Marnie is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, passing on her knowledge and healing to others. She has been certified since 2007.

What exactly is Reiki?  

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Life Force”. It’s a form of energy healing performed by gently placing your hands over another person, allowing the flow of energy from practitioner to client. While it’s extremely powerful, it’s equally as gentle, and can be channeled just by intention. Reiki is a spiritual art of healing that gently balances life energies, bringing health and well being to the client. When the flow of “Life Force Energy” is disrupted or weakened, physical health is compromised, emotional health is affected and spiritual blocks may occur. Reiki works to re-focus and re-align your energy to get your entire body working at its clearest and most optimal.

While providing Reiki on her client’s, Marnie also uses prayer and gemstones within the session to enhance and increase the healing process. Gemstones help release negative energy that can be easily absorbed into our human energy field. Using her intuitive and psychic abilities, she also works at opening and clearing chakras, ridding them of any negative energies that are blocking you.

Who needs Reiki? Everyone needs Reiki!  Our life force can be drained through various daily activities. Extreme stress can have an immediate impact on a person’s mental, spiritual, and physical self. Reiki can help relieve the effects from this.

This alternative therapy commonly referred to as energy healing, is known to be beneficial in helping people who are experiencing:

  • Grief
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Infertility
  • Chrons Syndrom
  • Fatigue Syndrom
  • Need to have Harmful Energies Extracted from Energy Field
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Recovering from emotional difficulties

Reiki supports the healing process by increasing a feeling of wellbeing to the client. 

Please use the online booking program to book your VIP session with Marnie. All terms and conditions apply. Marnie offers Reiki Healing during her VIP Soul Enhancement™ Session, and for individuals who have already had a recent reading with her. Individual sessions are considered a private booking, please contact Marnie by email for this. Cost is $175.00 + GST for a 50-60 minute session.