Heaven Has Visiting Hours with Medium Marnie Hill

The light will always break through the darkness, but you need to make room in your heart to let it in.


Medium & Author Marnie Hill

Born with the gift to communicate with heaven, Marnie's calling in life is to help you heal your soul and the soul of the deceased. She is also a Canadian Author, Inspirational Speaker on all things Spiritual, Sprit Healer, Blogger, Writer, and Podcaster of the Supernatural Tea Time with Marnie Hill. Marnie strives to provide the truth about the unseen world, heaven, and life after death. 

Marnie is considered a Light Trance Physical Medium, Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant, Empath, Energy Medium, and even a Religious Medium, providing evidence that life lives on after death, healing, and inspirational messages.  Marnie is a real medium, and Marnie notes this as not all psychic mediums or mediums are real. Marnie provides strong evidence from your deceased loved ones in heaven within a reading. Information provided is about their life, your life, who they are to you, how they looked, their passing, personal memories they desire to share, special dates, occupations, hobbies, pets with them, their name or names associated with them or you, and Marnie encourages them to bring through their personality.

Not only does Marnie bring through recently passed loved ones that are connected to you, but she also speaks with deceased loved ones who passed long ago and family members who you may not directly know, but you know of them, and they know of you. If friends show up, she talks to them. If your pets show up in a reading, she will speak to them too. Not only is Marnie an accurate and gifted medium, but she is also an ethical and trusted medium with clients worldwide. 

As a lifelong medium, Marnie has been professionally speaking with the unseen world. She provides profound, meaningful messages from your loved ones in heaven. Marnie uses her finely tuned ability to connect with the soul and read spiritual energy your energy, and psychic energy in her psychic soul session, providing you with guidance and direction. If you need to speak with a deceased loved one to help you with your grief journey and need spiritual guidance and soul advice, she is your medium and spirit healer. During her sessions, Marnie's readings are detailed in nature. She uses clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairgustance, precognition, retrocognition, remote viewing, and automatic writing when needed. Marnie can hear, feel, and see the spirit world to help the deceased, and you heal the soul. Marnie is considered a voice for heaven. 

Mediumship is a sacred process, she is a credible, ethical medium, and this is how Marnie approaches everything she does with Spirit; respect, love, honesty, and truth. 

Marnie believes the real purpose of mediumship is to console the bereaved by demonstrating that life lives on, even after death. Having the opportunity to say and hear "I'm sorry" to know that your loved ones are safe and happy, understand that life lives on even after death can bring amazing healing to all. And heaven is real, and knowing that life lives on after death can be life-changing.

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Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts in the way that you do!! I am so appreciative for all the guidance and healing I have received! It gives me a lot of inspiration and hope seeing how you share your gifts, talents, training, experiences in your unique, beautiful way to help so many people!!

Thank you so much for the reading today Marnie. You were very accurate, and your kind and sensitive manner made it an amazing experience for me and my family.

I have always wanted to book an appointment with a medium as my father passed away when I was quite young. However, I never followed through. Unfortunately, a close friend had their husband pass away suddenly, and we both decided to book our own readings with Marnie. During that initial appointment, I received many messages of validation and healing. I left that reading literally feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Since then, I have received many services from Marnie and have attended several of her workshops. Marnie never pressures anyone into her services or beliefs. However, she will provide sound recommendations if she feels you need them. I have to say the principles and lessons I have learned, as well as the messages I have received over the years, have transformed the way I see the world, have improved my relationships, and overall made me a better person. Through her Soul Enhancement ™Program, Marnie provides you with critical insight into your soul’s path, which allowed me to move forward in my life and release a lot of unsolved feelings, thoughts, and energies. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work at times, but Marnie’s approach is so easy to work with. She guides you through the process using several different methods, including spirituality, REIKI, psychological theories, grief counseling, etc.

Recently, I also had Marnie complete a home blessing in our new house. She provided my husband and me some tips on how to keep the energy of our home full of love and light as well as blessed the space. Marnie even provided us with some other important messages we needed to hear.

I would highly recommend any of Marnie’s services (and regularly do)! Thank you, Marnie, for sharing your wonderful gift with us.


Calgary, Alberta

Hi Marnie,
I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to take part in your Chakra Living Course. I’ve always had an interest in Spiritual Energy and wanted to learn more about my Chakras. Since this course, you have given me a new look at life and helped me make so many positive changes. I have gained a much higher respect for my Chakras and Aura, and I’m so thankful for the knowledge.

Especially the way I experience negative energies and how they’ve always impacted me in an unhealthy way. Now I feel more centered and aware of my energetic boundaries. Your guided meditation was a profound experience that I will never forget. You sure are passionate about helping people heal, and it was very evident of it that day.

Thank you, Marnie!

Rhonda ~ Calgary