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The light will always break through the darkness, but you need to make room in your heart to let it in.

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Internationally Known Evidential Medium, Author, Angel Communicator & Intuitive Spiritual Counsellor

Marnie is a natural-born medium. She is a strong medium connected with the unseen world since birth. She has professionally been offering medium readings, angelic psychic readings, spiritual counselling sessions, home clearing and blessings, paranormal walkthroughs and guidance, and energy healing since 2007. God's angels have taught Marnie about the unseen realms since she was a child, and one of her first memories of contact with deceased loved ones and the angels was around age five. She is a genuine ethical medium and strives to bring the truth about talking with the afterlife and healing to your soul.  Please get in touch with Marnie by email for all paranormal issues. 

Medium Readings

Marnie's strong connection with Spirit allows her to provide quality readings full of information about many deceased loved ones, including animals. Informative information to help you heal for your soul's journey, and that also helps the dead heal. Marnie can see and hear (yes, she can listen within her mind and, often, auditorially). She can feel how they passed, and she feels their illnesses and anything Spirit needs her to experience to get the messages through. Through the Grace of God, Marnie connects with the soul of your deceased loved ones. Marnie sees images in her mind by utilizing her clairvoyance ability. It is not unusual for her to sometimes talk like the dead and carry their mannerisms; even occasionally, you can see heavenly energy around Marnie; this is the deceased's soul. This is allowed through her physical mediumship ability and has often happened through proof from her clients. However, because of misinformation about physical mediumship and the delicate nature of this gift, she does not advertise herself as a physical medium. Marnie tells the life story of your deceased loved ones. She shares their memories with you, bringing through their personality, names, special dates, and physical characteristics; they will talk about their death and life today to prove that they are still around, watching over and at peace in the afterlife. Marnie's medium readings have proven to help people move through grief, and she has been offering professional medium, psychic readings and healing services for sixteen years. Marnie's sacred calling is to deliver healing messages from Heaven, to bring relief to your grief and wellness to your soul.

Marnie believes the real purpose of mediumship is to console the bereaved by demonstrating that life lives on, even after death. Having the opportunity to say and hear "I'm sorry" to know that your loved ones are safe and happy and understand that life lives on even after death can bring great healing to all. Knowing that life lives on after death can be life-changing. If you are looking for someone to help you through grief, someone who can talk to the afterlife, then Marnie is your Medium. Marnie offers various services. Please view the website for more information about her services, including her live events, Messages from Heaven, and sacred circles. 

Angelic Psychic Soul Session & Angel Tune-Up (30 or 60 Minute Sessions)

Marnie connects with your soul, akashic record, God records, soul contract, and aura.  She focuses on what the angels want you to hear. Marnie works with her Psychic Abilities, Archangel Michael and the Holy Spirit. She is offering guidance, direction, and healing.

You will also have an opportunity to ask questions.  If any information comes forward regarding past, current and future events, you will be given that information, which can be life-changing for today and your future. You will receive a tremendous amount of healing and knowledge in this session. Please note that Marnie does not work with the ego. The information provided is to guide you on your life path and your soul's journey. 

Intuitive Spiritual Counselling, Grief, Life Coaching and Paranormal Guidance

This session is great for anyone needing further healing and guidance after a medium, angelic psychic reading, who has taken Marnie's Soul Enhancement Grief Coaching Program and needs a little advice or is having difficulty with paranormal or supernatural issues, as Marnie specializes in spiritual oppression, negative attachments, and hauntings. A separate session is required for house clearing, blessings, deep soul healing and spirit releasement.  The spiritual counselling and life coaching areas covered may include life path, career, relationship, your soul's purpose, and her specialty, grief healing. This session can also be added to a medium reading, making it a combo session. All sessions are customized to your needs, and you will be asked at the beginning of your session what area you need guidance in, as this is not a reading. 

Heavenly Messages for Grief Healing Journal and Tool Kit

Services Provided by Marnie.

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Marnie's Holy Energy Healing Services

In Marnie's Holy Healing Service, she channels God's Divine Light to help bring healing, light and peace into your world. She does this by allowing Divine energy to flow through her and bringing it into you. She is a channel for holy energy. This energy helps clear negative energy around your aura and your energy field. It brings energy into the areas of your body that need it. When energy flows, love and healing grow. It's not usually that a deceased loved one and an angel may come through to give you extra healing and even the light of Christ; this is why Marnie calls her sessions Holy Energy Healing. The only symbol Marnie uses in this session is the divine gold cross of healing and the pink flame of Mother Mary.  Marnie will tell you what she has received for you in the energy reading as the soul, body, and heavenly realms speak when needed in this session.  


I sincerely cannot thank you enough for helping my daughter! She has made such an incredible positive shift, and the darkness that was brooding over her is completely gone! My heart has never been so full.

Renai, Calgary, Alberta.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts in the way that you do!! I am so appreciative for all the guidance and healing I have received! It gives me a lot of inspiration and hope seeing how you share your gifts, talents, training, experiences in your unique, beautiful way to help so many people!!

Thank you so much for the reading today Marnie. You were very accurate, and your kind and sensitive manner made it an amazing experience for me and my family.

I have always wanted to book an appointment with a medium as my father passed away when I was quite young. However, I never followed through. Unfortunately, a close friend had their husband pass away suddenly, and we both decided to book our own readings with Marnie. During that initial appointment, I received many messages of validation and healing. I left that reading literally feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

Since then, I have received many services from Marnie and have attended several of her workshops. Marnie never pressures anyone into her services or beliefs. However, she will provide sound recommendations if she feels you need them. I have to say the principles and lessons I have learned, as well as the messages I have received over the years, have transformed the way I see the world, have improved my relationships, and overall made me a better person. Through her Soul Enhancement ™Program, Marnie provides you with critical insight into your soul’s path, which allowed me to move forward in my life and release a lot of unsolved feelings, thoughts, and energies. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard work at times, but Marnie’s approach is so easy to work with. She guides you through the process using several different methods, including spirituality, REIKI, psychological theories, grief counseling, etc.

Recently, I also had Marnie complete a home blessing in our new house. She provided my husband and me some tips on how to keep the energy of our home full of love and light as well as blessed the space. Marnie even provided us with some other important messages we needed to hear.

I would highly recommend any of Marnie’s services (and regularly do)! Thank you, Marnie, for sharing your wonderful gift with us.


Calgary, Alberta

Hi Marnie,
I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to take part in your Chakra Living Course. I’ve always had an interest in Spiritual Energy and wanted to learn more about my Chakras. Since this course, you have given me a new look at life and helped me make so many positive changes. I have gained a much higher respect for my Chakras and Aura, and I’m so thankful for the knowledge.

Especially the way I experience negative energies and how they’ve always impacted me in an unhealthy way. Now I feel more centered and aware of my energetic boundaries. Your guided meditation was a profound experience that I will never forget. You sure are passionate about helping people heal, and it was very evident of it that day.

Thank you, Marnie!

Rhonda ~ Calgary
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