Marnie is a natural-born medium; she is considered a physical medium and a clairvoyant medium. She provides readings across Canada and internationally. 

Her readings are detailed in nature, as she connects directly with the soul of your loved one. This type of mediumship uses an enormous about of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy. Because of its demanding nature, Marnie only offers up to two readings a day and offers her medium readings and soul advising sessions on various days to ensure she can be the best messenger for your loved ones in heaven. Marnie has an on-line booking program specifically designed to make your booking a reading with her easy and convenient. Facetime readings may be requested after you have booked your phone session.

Her goal in life is to help people through grief with her readings and bring truth to life after death. 




Marnie is a well-known, sought out, ethical and respected Medium. She is a channel for the unseen world, was born a Medium and is considered a Clairvoyant, Evidential, Light Trance Medium. Most importantly, Marnie is a Messenger, a Messenger for Heaven and God's Divine Angels.  Using her spiritual gifts, Marnie provides evidence that heaven is real, validation and loving messages from your departed loved ones in her Medium Readings, as she can see, hear and feel the spirit world.  Mediumship is a scared process, and because Marnie is a light trance medium, she does not combine other readings during her medium readings. Marnie is a professional and experienced Medium. She is truly tapped into the other side.


Not only is Marnie a Medium, she is also a Spiritual Advisor. She can read the energy of your soul and listens to the Holy Spirit. Marnie can see what others cannot see, and she only uses her gifts for good, the way God intended it. Please note; this is not considered a psychic reading.  Marnie is a spiritual person and a person of faith. If you need guidance and clarity regarding your current life path, wellness and soul coaching to help you with your life situations, please book a Spiritual Soul Advising Session. 


Marnie has received information from the other side; she is eager to share her experiences and knowledge. Marnie is a self-published author. She wrote her first book, A Soul's Journey, in 2015 and her second book Heaven and the In-Between, in 2019. She is currently working on her third book. Her ability to connect with the unseen world allows her to research and write about the supernatural world, the soul, angels and the hidden world. Through her experiences and the wisdom she gains from heaven, Marnie writes to inform. She shares her life experiences, struggles and progress while maneuvering through today's world with unusual honesty. Marnie provides soul healing information to help you live your best life.


Marnie uses her spiritual gifts and the gift of spiritual discernment to help you move through grief and to bring support and healing to your soul, and your daily life. She is honoured to share her gift that has helped so many over the years. Since the age of five, Marnie has been connecting to the afterlife. Her ability to feel, see, hear, and read spirit energy is impeccable, and the messages she provides are life-changing.

Most of Marnie's clients are referred from previous clients, current clients and professionals within the counselling & mental health industry.

If you are serious about wanting to connect with your loved ones in the afterlife and require some soul healing, then Marnie is your go-to person.

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Marnie coaches and provides healing to individuals suffering from grief, life transitions, spiritual difficulties, spiritual oppression, and having paranormal encounters in their home or location and their personal lives. She has helped with paranormal investigations, she conducts minor deliverance ministry when needed and offers house clearing and blessing services. Marnie is a believer who believes in God, and she believes in other spirit entities whose purpose is to oppose the work of God. See more on the Paranormal Advising Page. If you are in need of long term help regarding grief, soul coaching, paranormal or supernatural encounters, Marnie offers a Soul Enhancement ™ Coaching Program. (service is only available if you have already had a house clearing/blessing service, medium reading, or a spiritual advising session). 


As a Medium, Marnie helps with missing persons and provides information to families regarding cold cases. She has offered this service for many with success. Marnie only works directly with close family members or local authorities. Please see more on the Missing Persons Page. 

Mediumship is available to provide healing and support to the living and the other side. Marnie feels it is indeed a responsibility and a privilege to offer her experience and gift to all who seek her services. Her focus is to bring a large amount of healing and closure to individuals who need to speak with a loved one and are looking for some soul guidance. Marnie's readings are detailed in nature. She will provide you with all the information your decease provides her with.

Marnie believes the real purpose of mediumship is to console the bereaved by demonstrating that life lives on, even after death. And heaven is real. This knowing can be life-changing. Having the opportunity to say and hear "I'm sorry," to know that your loved ones are safe and happy, to understand that life lives on even after death, can bring fantastic healing to all.