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Do you have questions regarding life after death, soul healing, prophecy, heaven, divine messages, or the spirit world?  Visit Tea Time with Marnie the Medium for inspirational and soul healing information on her youtube channel. Tea Time is Live, Raw and Informative. Please email Marnie the Medium if you have a question. She may answer it on her next tea time session! 

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Marnie is a well sought-out, top Canadian, Evidential Physical Medium, and Clairvoyant who was born with the gift of spiritual communication and knowledge, all to help others heal. She  really does talk to the dead and she has been connecting with the spirit world and the angelic realm (God's Angels) since age five. She helps guide individuals through the grief process by talking to their loved ones in heaven. Marnie has been professionally and sucessfully delivering messages of love, healing, and validation from the supernatural world (Heaven) full time, for the last eleven years.   She offers individual medium, spiritual psychic readings, combo, family and group medium readings. If you are in need of  spiritual coaching, counselling, grief coaching, or spiritual direction only, please refer to the Soul Enhancement Wisdom Session. 

"I am honored to be in service to the living, to departed loved ones and to God. It's a spiritual gift that can help so many.  I feel it's important to explain why I call this a gift. My ability to talk to the other side is here to help other people heal. I have had this ability since I was a child. I talk to other peoples deceased loved ones, not mine. I serve as a gate way to heaven and was born with this ability, to help you heal. This ability isn't for me, it's for you and that is the gift" Marnie 

Marnie provides first class mediumship, soul guidance, and spiritual grief coaching services. Not only does she bring forward strong validation from the deceased and healing messages for your soul, the information Marnie provides in a medium reading, is information that can't be found anywhere else, but directly from the deceased and verified by the living. Most importantly, she is well-known to bring through your loved ones personality and character traits. Because she is truly talking to them. 

Marnie believes the true purpose of mediumship is to console the bereaved by demonstrating that life lives on, even after death. This knowing can be life changing. Having the opportunity to say, and hear ,"I'm sorry", to know that your loved ones are safe and happy, to understand that life lives on even after death, can bring amazing healing too all. She also knows first hand, that the process of talking to your deceased loved ones (real spirit communication) is always governed by the power of God.

Marnie is an ethical medium and psychic, who will bring forward strong evidence, guidance and healing information from your departed loved ones in heaven and the angels. As a sensitive she is very much aware of the deceased emotions and of your moods and feelings too.  Marnie knows first hand speaking with your loved ones in the afterlife can be overwhelming. This degree of communication shouldn't be taken lightly, it is a very delicate and sacred process.

Mediumship is available to provide healing and support to the living and to the other side. Marnie feels it is indeed a responsibility and a privilege to offer her experience and gift, to all who seek her services. Her focus is to bring a large amount of healing and closure to individuals who need to speak with a loved one and are looking for some soul guidance. She offers readings both locally in Canada (in person, by phone) and Internationally (by phone).

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People who have a reading with Marnie say "she is a life changer, an incredibly gifted medium and someone who not only brings comfort and healing into their world, but a person who helps individuals and families through the journey of grief. " Most of Marnie's clients are referred from previous clients, current clients and from professionals within the counselling & mental health industry. This says a lot about her ability and credibilty.

Marnie is a Certified Master Life Coach, Certified Life Coach Practitioner, Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, Reiki Master Teacher and Minister through (ULC). Marnie has  spent a number of years studying psychology and theology, she is a life long learner and has created the Soul Enhancement™ Life Coaching Program and the Soul Enhancement™ Wisdom Session to help heal your soul. 

Along with Individual, Family and Group Readings, Marnie is the creator of Tea Time with Marnie the Medium and offers live mediumship events called Messages from the Afterlife, at various times through out the year.

Marnie also works with the paranormal  side of spirit communication. She offers house, or location clearing and blessings services, and works on paranormal investigations when needed. However, these services are provided on a case by case basis, or by referral. Please email Marnie with your situation and she will provide you with details, on how she can help you.

If you are serious about wanting to connect with your loved ones in the afterlife and are looking for some soul or grief healing then she is your Medium.

Marnie recently did a Halloween special regarding the Prince House at Heritage Park with CTV Morning Live Calgary. A Halloween special, interview and reading with Taylor Daniels of Kool 101.5 FM, special talk with CJSW (Jasmine of Suffragette City), Ghost story with the Metro News and has been interviewed by Calgary Now a division of Shaw Communications.

Marnie published her first book a soul's journey in 2015 and is currently working on her second one. 

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