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"Unleashing the Power of Supernatural Elements in Life"

Writing has been a transformative experience for me, allowing me to explore and make sense of the complex yet beautiful world around me. Through the power of words, I have found healing from my past and have been reminded that life is a never-ending journey of love, growth, and learning. As an author, I specialize in multiple genres, including spiritual self-help, paranormal non-fiction, and the supernatural. I am working on my third spiritual self-help book and my very first paranormal mystery romance novel, and I cannot wait to share my passion and creativity with the world. In 2023, Marnie created her first Messages from Heaven for Grief Healing Journal and Cards, a spiritual tool to help you move through the transitional phases of loss. 

Marnie's dedication to her writing craft is genuinely remarkable. She pours her heart and soul into every project and never resorts to using ghostwriters. She has spent countless hours honing her skills and refining her craft to create works that inspire and heal. With her passion and talent, readers can expect even more meaningful and transformative books from this gifted writer and messenger.

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Marnie's second book -


At an early age, author Marnie Hill was aware of the unseen worlds, and throughout her life, she has experienced spirit communication from the other side. When she began offering medium readings to her clients, she learned universal experiences regarding life after death. Some people have had the opportunity to see their loved ones after they’ve passed, while others have endured unusual paranormal experiences featuring ghosts or angelic encounters. This book contains spiritual information and Marnie's accounts about heaven, hell, and the places in-between. 

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Marnie's first book -


Marnie Hill speaks to the unseen world. This very personal account of one woman's journey to acknowledging and accepting her unique gifts, such as reading auras, seeing loved ones who have died, hearing voices from the other side, sharing messages from the afterlife to living, and learning how to turn her pain into power, and difficult times to positive life lessons.  Marnie Hill gives us an open and honest portrayal of her life's work and healing. She wrote this book to provide life situations and bring healing and guidance to others. 


Marnie's Heavenly Messages for Grief Healing Journal and cards

Marnie's Heavenly Messages for Grief Healing Journal and Cards

Grief is an intense emotion that can affect a person's life in many ways. It can manifest in different forms and leave an indelible mark on one's life. The loss of a loved one, separation from a beloved, changes in one's career, or unresolved pain can all cause sadness that can be overwhelming. However, there is always hope. Marnie's cards and journal offer a glimmer of hope and healing during this dark time. They provide comfort and relief from the turbulent waves of sorrow. With the journal and cards, Marnie hopes to bring a glimmer of healing to you during this difficult time. Please email Marnie to order. Journals and Cards are purchased together. 

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Marnie's third book coming soon!

Stay tuned for another life-changing book! 


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Author Marnie Hill

Marnie's passion for writing ignited during her high school days when she attended a creative writing class. Her teacher recognized her talent and encouraged her to pursue a career in writing. Although the idea fascinated Marnie, she wasn't sure if it was the right path for her at the time. However, the desire to share her struggles and triumphs in life to inspire and help others heal never left her.

Years later, after becoming a professional medium, Marnie poured her heart and soul into writing her first book, "A Soul's Journey," which chronicles her journey as a medium and explores life after death. Her second book, "Heaven and the In-between," delves deeper into the afterlife, soul healing, and the different levels within the unseen world. Drawing from her own spiritual experiences and findings, Marnie considers herself a researcher in the afterlife, supernatural, and the unseen worlds.

Marnie aims to inform and provide soul-healing information to her readers through her writing. Her dedication to her craft and her passion for sharing her knowledge and experiences promise even more transformative books to come.

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