Marnie’s Ethics

Spiritual Truth & Being an Ethical Medium

Talking with the afterlife provides healing, understanding, and peace; she will always conduct her services this way. Marnie has a set of ethics she lives by and works within. She knows how much evil walks within the world, particularly within the psychic, metaphysical and spiritualist industries. She strives to bring truth and healing to all who need her services. Marnie does not do a psychic reading or read your aura while talking with a deceased loved one, which can bring much confusion into the session; it leaves you believing the information coming forward is from your loved ones when it is not. If something comes through that is not from your loved one, she clearly states this fact. If you want psychic information from your Angels, please book a combo session. Marnie does a medium reading first, then an angelic psychic reading after.


Others might say, "Your loved ones know everything about your future." This needs to be corrected. Your loved ones do not know everything about the future. They are privy to minimal information. There are rules in heaven when speaking with the living; you will see more details below. While they can guide you, they are not to change your path, just like Marnie is not to change your path. You have free will in this world, and you must be the person who makes the last decisions in your life moving forward.

It is essential to realize that while we have grown into a modern world, the spirit world has not changed, nor has Heaven, the Holy Spirit, God or the Evil ones. It is the same today as in the ancient world, even if we do not desire it to be so. Heaven does not conform to one's worldly desires. 

Marnie has been on a sacred journey seeking spiritual truths since her awakening began in 1997. At this time, she started to pay attention to her spiritual encounters with the angels and the dead. 

She is highly educated in communication with heaven and the spirit world, including the angelic and unseen worlds, and she has in-depth knowledge of the paranormal.  Marnie also knows communication with God and the Heavenly realm is sacred and should never come from the ego, only the place of love.  She is cautious about how she conducts all of her services and uses no divination tools; this includes tarot cards, angel cards, Ouija boards, and pendulums during her session to bring forward the spirit world or information that feeds the ego as this is what is against God and His desires for you. Marnie wrote some of her experiences and spiritual realities and their truths in her book Heaven and the In-Between and continues to write more.  

Marnie feels words in our human world limit us. The term medium doesn't describe the strength and reason for her gifts or abilities. Still, she continues spreading divine sparkles of love and light and healing the living and unseen worlds with her gift. Because she is a natural medium, she was born with the ability; this gift can not be taken away; it grows with her as she moves through this life. 

Marnie gives credit to God for what she can do. She follows spiritual rules from God: "DO NO HARM." She has a heart for Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, and all her readings and services are non-denominational, as she is here to help the world heal. Marnie trusts in Heaven and strives to ensure her services align with God's desires for her spiritual gifts. She understands the Levitical Code regarding speaking to the dead and knows which communication is prohibited. Talking with deceased loved ones can help the living and the dead heal, only if done correctly.  


Spiritual information you need to know and Marnie’s ethics!


Marnie conducts her services perhaps considerably different from what you may be used to.

Marnie does not force the dead to communicate against their will; she opens the door to Heaven to loved ones who want to speak with you.  Please do not push communication. If your loved ones want to talk, they will. And they usually do. And please, do not try and minimize Marnie's abilities in a medium reading because you expected one loved one to speak more than another. Marnie has no control over who comes through or how much they desire to talk or share. 


  1. Marnie will always test the Spirit before she begins the reading and creates a scared and energy-protected area for all her services. This includes prayer before and after a session. 
  2. No personal belongings, Please! Please do not bring your loved one's ashes or items to an in-person session to bring them forward; this includes photos. This act forces communication from the deceased and is not in alignment with Heaven, and Marnie stays in alignment. 
  3. Marnie will not use divination tools. Mediums are born mediums and do not need tools to talk with the afterlife. Divination tools, such as tarot cards, ouija boards, and pendulums, should never be used in a reading to speak with deceased loved ones, gain forbidden knowledge, or seek any form of spiritual communication or guidance. Using these tools is not aligned with God. However, using inspirational healing cards or pulling daily healing messages is okay if you request this from the Holy Spirit, and it is used to help you heal your soul, not to gain hidden knowledge for yourself or others. 
  4. During a medium reading, Marnie will not ask the spirits, angels, or deceased loved ones about future events in your life or others. Please don't ask this in any sessions. Time has shown Marnie, and the angels have said that if the spirit world feels you must know something and feel it is essential, they will disclose it to you. Marnie believes the Holy Spirit will give us, including her, what God knows you need to hear and inform our deceased loved ones of this. You will always receive what you need to hear; only sometimes what you want, as want, comes from the ego, and need comes from the heart. 
  5. Marnie will never pry into other people's lives during a session. Please do not ask your loved ones, angels, or even spirit guides to give you information about other people, friends, and family members within your life; this includes your children. This questioning is considered prying and unlawful in the afterlife and can damage your soul. Your loved ones are not hanging around waiting to tell you what they saw your family or friends doing. Marnie will not answer these questions even if you ask for it in a reading. Often, the spirit world will stop talking if prying information is requested. The information you need will be provided if God and His angels feel you need to know.
  6. Marnie does not ask questions about your deceased loved ones in a medium reading. She relays the information your deceased loved ones tell her in a medium reading. This brings forward evidential validation that is needed
  7. Marnie believes speaking with loved ones who have passed is a sacred process, and she will do her best to bring you the healing and guidance God feels you need at this time of your life. 
  8. Marnie does not swear or bring low-energy words in a session, which lowers the vibration and closes the heart and soul off to the Heavens. Please do not swear in your session or become angry at your loved ones.
  9. Coming into your session with an open mind and heart is extremely important. While there is a lot of excitement, your session can be emotional; this is normal. Please make sure you let Marnie speak; no interruptions, please. You will have time to ask Marnie or your loved ones questions, and this is done when Marnie and the deceased are ready. Interruptions break the flow of communication. Remember, this isn't a psychic reading.
  10. So much information comes through in a medium reading that Marnie remembers nothing after the session. This is why she records all readings. Please do not bring a notepad for notes. Marnie's hearing becomes extremely sensitive during a session, and writing on paper can distract Marnie and the deceased.
  11. Please turn cell phones on airplane mode or turn them off completely.

****Please note your deceased loved ones are not watching over the living to give hidden knowledge to others to feed their or your ego in any reading or healing session. They see pain and heartache and will disclose this to inform you what they see and if, by chance, you can help yourself if you are in distress and other souls in distress that are in your life.****