Marnie’s Ethics

Spiritual Truth & Being an Ethical Medium

After spending most of her life understanding the spiritual world and its energy, Marnie felt the need to put forward a set of ethics within which she lives and works. She aims to bring truth and healing to anyone who needs her sacred services; she does not conform to what others might say about this gift or ability; she listens to the Divine and God's Holy Creation within the heavenly realms. 

Marnie believes that there is a critical misconception about the afterlife, the spirit world. The living world often assumes that the dead know everything about the future, but this is false. The dead have minimal information and are bound by rules in Heaven when speaking with the living. While they can guide you, they cannot change your path, just like Marnie cannot change your path. You have free will in this world, and you must make the final decisions in your life moving forward.

In 1997, Marnie had a vast spiritual awakening; she has been on a sacred journey seeking spiritual truths ever since. She pays attention to her spiritual encounters with the angels and the afterlife. She is highly educated in communication with Heaven and the spirit world, including the angelic and unseen worlds.

Marnie knows communication with God and the Heavenly realm is sacred and should only come from a place of love. She is cautious about how she conducts all her services and does not feed into the human ego in this world with her gifts.  Marnie wrote about some of her experiences and spiritual realities in her book, "Heaven and the In-Between," and continues to write more. Marnie feels that words in our human world limit us.

The term "medium" does not describe the strength and reason for the gift or abilities. Because she is a natural medium, she was born with this gift, which cannot be taken away, and it grows with her as Marnie moves through this life. However, she has learned that conducting oneself as a medium aligned with God is the only way to move through this spiritual life. Marnie gives credit to God for what she can do. She follows spiritual rules from God: "DO NO HARM."

All her readings and services are non-denominational because she is here to help the world heal, as a medium does. Marnie trusts in Heaven and strives to ensure her services align with God's desires for her spiritual gifts. She understands the Levitical Code regarding speaking to the dead and knows which communication is prohibited. Talking with deceased loved ones can help the living and the dead heal when done correctly.

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Spiritual information you need to know and Marnie’s ethics!

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Marnie provides a unique and sacred space for your loved ones who have passed away to communicate with you. It is important to note that Marnie does not force any spirit to speak against their will. If your loved ones want to talk, they will.

Before each reading, Marnie tests the spirit and prays to ensure everything is aligned with Heaven. It is also important to note that Marnie does not use divination tools like tarot cards, ouija boards, and pendulums to communicate with deceased loved ones.

Please refrain from asking Marnie about other people's lives during a session, including your children. This questioning is considered prying and unlawful in the afterlife and can damage your soul. The information you need will be provided if God and His angels feel you need to know. Additionally, Marnie will not ask questions about your deceased loved ones during a medium reading. Instead, she will relay the information your deceased loved ones tell her. This brings forward the needed evidence for validation.

It is essential to approach your session with an open mind and heart. Your session can be emotional, which is normal. Please let Marnie speak without interruptions, as it breaks the flow of communication. Remember, this is not a psychic reading.

Marnie records all readings for accuracy and validation purposes. Please do not bring a notepad for notes, as writing on paper can distract Marnie and the deceased. Turning your cell phones on airplane mode or entirely off is also essential.

Finally, please note that your deceased loved ones are not watching over the living to give hidden knowledge to others to feed their or your ego in any reading or healing session. They see pain and heartache and will disclose this to inform you what they see and if, by chance, you can help yourself if you are in distress and other souls in distress that are in your life. The deceased is not obligated to meet anyone's expectations but God's. When you're looking for healing and guidance, please be considerate. Remember, they are not lurking around in other people's homes or offices to provide warnings. There are rules in the afterlife; the most important one is not to cause harm to anyone with spirit information.

I hope this information is helpful and informative.