Medium Marnie Hill’s Terms and Conditions

Important Information Please Read



You can reschedule your individual or family session for the next month if you've given 48 hours notice. Less than 48 hours notice will result in a loss of booking. Please email Marnie to reschedule. 


Refunds are not provided under any circumstances. Payments are non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash or other services and products. 


If you have purchased an in-person session and have changed this to a Zoom or phone session, you will NOT be reimbursed for the amount paid or the difference. 


If you are sick or are under AHS conditions regarding COVID-19 or any of the variants, you will need to change your appointment to a phone, zoom or skype session on that day. Please inform Marnie in the AM of your apt. DO NOT ATTEND YOUR SESSION IF YOU ARE SICK. All in-person sessions must be booked by emailing Marnie and requesting your session. You will be invoiced, and once your invoice is paid within 48 hours, your date, time and price are confirmed. If your invoice is not paid, the date and time will be open to other individuals. 

If you book an in-person session and COVID-19 restrictions come back into place that does not allow you to attend your in-person session or for Marnie to have you at her location, your reading will be changed to a phone or Zoom or Skype session. You will be able to decide which one you prefer. A refund is not provided. 

Suppose you contract COVID-19 or any of its variants from Marnie Hill or the location of your session. In that case, you agree to waive all liabilities and responsibilities of Marnie Hill or Spirit Wellness Inc.

You Agree And Understand

You are over 18 years old; you understand that all services are for your overall well-being. Marnie Hill is not a licensed counsellor, medical, or health care provider. She will not diagnose conditions, perform medical or psychological assessments, prescribe medications, or provide legal guidance or advice.

Marnie reserves the right to put pricing specials on or change her pricing at any time without providing credit or reimbursement if you have paid the total price.

You also agree to waive all liabilities and that Spirit Wellness Inc. (Marnie Hill) is not liable or responsible for any circumstances that may arise from any of the services/sessions to the (client or the client's family, any persons, or other family members, personally, financially, health-wise or professionally). This includes personal injury, loss of income, professional or personal decisions, stress, emotional, or otherwise.

Marnie has 0 tolerance for any form of abuse, including trying to test her abilities, misrepresenting herself during any of her services, being rude, challenging, abrasive, aggressive in any way, demanding, or argumentative during any of the services offered, or requesting information that should not be asked within her readings. If this happens, you will be asked to leave with no refund. If this is a phone reading, Skype, or Zoom session, Marnie will terminate the session with no refund.

With Marnie's intense sensitivity to the spirit world, support people are only allowed within any services/sessions if you have booked a family or a custom reading.

Due to the nature of her services, Marnie Hill - Spirit Wellness Inc. reserves the right to refuse services to anyone conducting themselves or misrepresenting themselves in a harmful way to Marnie, others, or themselves. This includes live events.

Phone, Skype, and Zoom Readings:

All services are booked in MST (Alberta time). Marnie will call you at your scheduled time for a phone reading and Skype sessions. You will automatically go into a waiting room for the Zoom call until Marnie is ready for your session. GIVING YOUR ZOOM LINK TO OTHER INDIVIDUALS IS PROHIBITED, AND THEY WILL BE DELETED FROM THE READING/SESSION.


All individual readings are individual readings. Do not have anyone listening in or a part of the session, as it can negatively impact the service's quality. 
All sessions are voice recorded, and you will be emailed a recording after your session. Marnie is not responsible for the quality or delivery of the recording. 

Please ensure you are in a quiet place free from distractions, including T.V., computers, and phone devices, as this can impact your service quality. And, please, NO driving while having a reading, cleaning your home, or engaging in any other distracting behaviours. Your full attention is essential to the reading; this is your time and Spirits' time.

Other Important Information:


When purchasing a gift certificate for a specific amount on Marnie's website, the redeemer of the gift certificate will be required to pay the difference when booking their appointment. All gift certificates have an expiration date, and please keep in mind the expiration date. There are no refunds or date extensions on gift certificates. All terms and conditions apply to the purchaser and receiver of the gift certificate. 


Marnie provides no guarantees on any services she offers or will bring forward information or evidence you want to hear. The spirit world (your loved ones) control the information they want to share, not Marnie. Marnie is simply a conduit, a vessel, a gateway for heaven and your deceased loved ones. She doesn't control the information that comes through for you; she only delivers it. Your deceased loved ones may provide guidance, but you are in charge of how you think the information is coming forward to you.

Please keep in mind that Marnie reserves the right to reschedule your appointment due to illness or family emergencies. If this happens, you will receive an email or a phone call to reschedule your appointment within the following weeks.


During live events and group readings, Marnie does not offer seat holding, refunds, service exchange, or transfers to another service or event with your purchase. Your purchase for a group reading or a sacred circle does not guarantee a reading. You'll need to turn your cell phone off; any photos, video, or voice recording is strictly prohibited.


To avoid any legal action against you, you agree not to reproduce, sell, copy, duplicate, video, or share the recording of your session on any social media sites or with any media station or persons without prior approval directly from Marnie Hill. This includes posting your session now to social media sites or exploiting any portion of the services provided without written consent from Marnie Hill (Spirit Wellness Inc.)

No video or voice recordings are provided during sacred circles, group events, workshops, coaching sessions, house clearing, blessings, or paranormal services. Video or voice recording of any of these services is strictly prohibited and will be subject to legal action from Marnie Hill of (Spirit Wellness Inc.)

Marnie will voice record your reading for you, and you may also voice record your private reading. Your recording will be sent through an email transfer program. You'll need to download your recording within seven days, as your recording is deleted after seven days. If you have requested or paid for a CD to be emailed, your recording will be mailed through Canada Post. Marnie is not responsible for the delivery or for re-submitting your recording if you have not downloaded your session delivered by email. Your recording is sent on the same day as your session. 


All workshops and meditations are copyright protected and available for healing. Purchasing or registering for any of these events does not permit you to teach these workshops to others or sell or reproduce the information. All terms and conditions apply. All workshops are non-refundable, non-redeemable for cash, and non-transferable. You must be 18+ to attend any workshops online or in person.

Marnie operates under a security system in her office. Any of your services may be videotaped without voice recording to protect the confidential information obtained during sessions. Video or voice recording will not be provided to anyone except the appropriate authorities if required by law or at Marnie's discretion. This surveillance system is strictly used for protection purposes only.

Please do not attend your session if you are under the influence of a narcotic or have recently consumed alcoholic beverages or marijuana (1-24 hours).