Medium Readings, and Angelic Psychic Soul Readings

Private Readings

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Marnie is an Evidential, Light Trance Physical Medium and Clairvoyant.  

Marnie provides individual, couples and family sessions. Sessions are available via Zoom, phone, and in person. Please book your session using the online booking app at the top of each webpage.  Marnie is a professional natural medium; her Zoom and phone sessions are the same as in-person sessions, as your loved ones come directly to Marnie. Sessions are 60-90 min to two-hour sessions based on what you are booking. Due to the enormous amount of information that comes through in reading, Marnie records your reading, and your recording will be sent by email directly after the session. 

If you are booking a reading for another person, please email Marnie with the first and last name of the person you booked the reading for.

Medium Readings

Marnie works within God’s light. Born with this powerful healing ability, she will provide you with loving and healing messages from your loved ones in heaven. The spirit world (your loved ones) already knows what you need to receive and hear from them.  They are more than willing to provide Marnie with evidence of their existence on earth and show you they are happy and well on the other side while providing you with healing and guidance.

In a medium reading, Marnie will provide solid evidence, validation, healing, and loving messages from the other side. Marnie is evidential (provides powerful evidence), physical (the deceased soul merges with Marnie’s soul), and a mental medium (the ability to receive mental impressions and images from the dead). This is your reading; the medium reading is about you, and all medium sessions differ.

As a natural-born medium, Marnie has spent over 45 years perfecting her gift of spiritual communication. She is a voice for heaven and is well-known for bringing forward strong validation and healing information from your departed loved ones. She has been providing spiritual healing professionally to the public since 2007.

Marnie receives information on who they are, how they passed, and how they look in the medium reading! She will bring through their personality, which is the most crucial validation. Spirit will provide her with information about life events, and they will often present their names and family and friends' names. She also requests your loved ones to give her additional information that is unique to you and them. Marnie can also connect with deceased pets and relay any information or messages they have.

Before your session starts, Marnie will inform you how it will be conducted. Marnie is compassionate during her sessions as she merges with the heavenly realm; she asks that you come into your session with an open mind and heart and allow the session to unfold as needed. You must follow the instructions Marnie has given you before the session starts.

All services are available through the online booking program.

A statue of an angel with pink flowers in the background.

Angelic Psychic Soul Reading

An angelic psychic reading or an angel tune-up session is where Marnie connects with your soul and a team of God's angels, including your angel or guide, and the Holy Spirit presents everything you need. Through Marnie's strong psychic abilities, she can access your soul's timeline and soul contracts—the information given is to provide healing and guidance. Areas may encompass but are not limited to your past, current life situations and future events. All to help you move forward. Please note that Marnie believes in free will. Many things in your life can be changed by the choices you make, not all but some. Marnie also believes in destiny; some items can not be changed, but you can still move through them and have a happy, peaceful and productive life.  You will receive everything you need to hear at this specific time in your life in this session. 

Combo Reading Two Readings in One

This session is excellent for someone who wants to speak with a deceased loved one but also needs angelic psychic guidance. Marnie will start with a medium reading, and then the remainder of the session will be an angelic psychic soul reading. Marnie also offers spiritual guidance, counselling, grief, or life coaching in this session when needed. You will get everything you need to help you move forward on your life path. 

You also have the option to work with Marnie one-on-one for a longer term for more healing and growth; this is done through her soul enhancement coaching program. 

Types of Readings & Pricing:

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A large amount of information comes through in a reading. However, if you have specific questions for Marnie, the angels, or your deceased loved ones, please bring some questions with you. Marnie will allow you to ask questions before the session ends. 

  • INDIVIDUAL MEDIUM READING: It is available in person, by phone, and via Zoom for 60 minutes ( $300.00 + GST), including a recording. 

  • INDIVIDUAL ANGELIC PSYCHIC SOUL READING:  Available in person, by phone, and via Zoom for 60 minutes ($300.00+ GST), including a recording. 

  • FAMILY MEDIUM READING 60 minutes (2 PEOPLE - FAMILY MEMBERS ONLY). SPECIAL PRICING! Available in person, via Zoom or phone ($400.00 + GST), Including a recording.  Please email Marnie directly if you are still looking for this on the scheduling page. 

  • COUPLES MEDIUM READING (60 minutes -  2 PEOPLE - DO NOT NEED TO BE RELATED).  Available In-person, via Zoom or by phone for ($400.00 + GST).  Reading is done together. Marnie will bring messages from deceased loved ones to both of you. Everyone receives a recording. 


    After your medium reading, you can include an angelic soul advising session to help you overcome loss or obtain more guidance and healing. This is called a combo session. This 60 or 90-minute session is available in-person, by phone or via Zoom. The cost is ($300.00 + GST) for 60 minutes via Zoom or Phone and in person. A 90-minute in-person, phone or Zoom session is ($400.00 + GST). All sessions include a recording. 

  • The above pricing is in Canadian Funds. 

    Through online booking, you can book up to four people for a family or couples one-hour medium reading. You also have the option to book a two-hour spirit wellness session through the booking app. 

    It's important to us that you are fully informed. Please take a moment to read and understand the terms and conditions. Marnie kindly requests that you refrain from providing any information about the reason for your booking or details about the deceased. Please note that pricing is subject to change without notice. Your booking will secure your chosen date and price, and we regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds. 

Family readings are for immediate family members: husband, wife, partners, father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, and extended family members. Please do not have a friend outside your family circle to attend as a family member unless you want to hear from the same loved ones. Couples Medium Readings do not need to be related.



Marnie is amazing. I sat in a room with no pictures at all or hints for anything and she was so right about so many things. I had lost my dad the year prior and my mom many years before. There were things she said she could not possibly have known and only they would have known.

I want to thank you Marnie for the peace you gave me knowing my parents are ok and with the rest of my family who have already crossed over.

Crystal Ward

Medium Marnie Hill is one of those rare individuals who is in touch with both the Angels and her spirit guides. Through her, our loved ones can send us messages of hope, healing and assurance, which from time to time we all need.

Blessings and hugs Marnie.

Kirk Boote

well I have known Marnie for about 10 years as my medium. From my very first reading, I was kind of put off because the reading seemed to be off the wall, within a very short time period everything that was read all came true! I was shocked as there is no way I would have ever believed had I not gone through it !! I usually get a reading once or 2 a year and her uncanny insight is not short of magical... once a reading is finished I wait for life to play out so I can see if everything comes to pass and about 95% comes to pass!!
My daughter also sees Marnie and has very successful insightful readings.... We love and respect her so much!!

My gratitude is beyond measure as she really helps me through life the here and afterlife. The absolute truth..

If you need answers ask Marnie.

We sincerely appreciate and love you Marnie all the best to one that helps so many!!

Jeannie Anderson

I hosted a sacred circle and was impressed that Marnie took the time for everyone in our group to have someone come through. I didn't know everyone that attended, but know that she delivered some very accurate information. it was a powerful experience that left my heavy heart a little bit lighter, and I appreciate that.

Barb Curle

Marnie is amazing and has a wonderful gift. I was skeptical at first, but she's the real deal. Thank you Marnie.

Tamatha Root
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