Speaking To Heaven

A Healing Experience

Communicating with loved ones who have passed away is a sacred process that can bring about profound healing. Your loved ones in Heaven always check in on you and want you to be happy. They keep their personality, but healing in Heaven dissolves anger and pain. A Medium is a person who can communicate with individuals who have passed over into the world of the unseen, which Marnie calls Heaven. This communication is a pure form of healing. Marnie is a natural-born Medium, and she receives information from your departed loved ones. Mediumship is available to help people move through loss and to help the deceased in Heaven heal, too.

During a medium reading, your loved ones will talk about what they feel is essential in their lives and provide evidence of their existence while they were alive. They may even offer some quality advice. However, they will not predict or tell you what to do. It would be best if you made your own decisions. All the information provided is always for your highest good.

Marnie always starts with a prayer to bring forward God's white light of protection and healing and to call on your loved ones in Heaven. She also ends her session with a prayer to close the reading.

Marnie can feel, hear, and see the spirit world as an Evidential Light Trance Physical and Clairvoyant Medium. She also receives symbols that represent specific information. Marnie is a professional in her field, and most of her clients are referred by previous and current clients and professionals within the health and mental health industry. She is honoured to share this gift that helps so many.

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