Meet Medium and Author Marnie Hill

Medium Marnie Hill "AKA" Your Heavenly Messenger

There is no denying her gifts; Marnie is here to
help change people's lives! 

My Story, My Mission, Leaving Divine Sparkles of Love & Light, Everywhere!

Meet one of Canada's hidden gems! Marnie has had a strong connection with the angelic and heavenly realm since childhood and has professionally offered services since 2007.

My Story: 

I strive to bring healing into a hurting world, and every day, I provide the best reading, healing, or coaching session I can. I have found over the years that the right people find me at precisely the right time in their lives. It is not unusual for your deceased loved one or guardian angel to guide you to see me.

After spending years talking with the afterlife, it has become evident that my calling in this life is to bring healing to a hurting world and serve Heaven (God, the afterlife, the other side). I am a voice, vessel, gateway, ambassador, spirit healer, a messenger for the spirit world. I bring light and healing into the darkest places, and I do this through my services. Born as a messenger for Heaven, it is evident that I am also a witness to God. As a witness to God, I show that His creation in Heaven is an actual place, and while the body dies, the soul lives on. God's gift to us is that we don't walk this earth alone; our loved ones are always with us, and there is no death.  As a medium, I speak with deceased loved ones, deliver messages from the unseen world and God's angels, and give guidance to heal the human soul. I am also an empath and have the gift of discerning spirits, as I can detect all levels within the afterlife, and yes, as hard as it may be to believe, I can see evil and the realms that hold this vibration.  I have written about this experience and my work in the paranormal field and will continue to do so. While my abilities are a gift, I give all the glory to God for what I can do. I work with the light only. I consider myself a Christian, a spiritual person. I do not delve into the world of witches or sorcery, and I firmly believe darkness has no power over the soul unless you let it be so. God is with you, always, but you do need to let Him into your world to protect you and give you the guidance and protection you may need. 

It took me many years to come to terms with my gifts; they are sacred to me. I use the information from loved ones, your soul, and God's Angels to help you heal and grow. My strong connection with the Holy Spirit and the deceased is why my Zoom and phone readings are just as accurate and healing as in-person sessions, as the soul of your loved one comes directly to me before and during the medium reading.

I stay humble as possible, especially in today's world. Everywhere you look, someone says they are a medium or a psychic. It can take time to know where to go and whom to trust. I completely understand this. There is so much conflicting information about mediums, psychics, energy, and Spirit; this can be confusing, especially when you need healing. 

Most of my clients are repeat clients and have been referred by many.  I am here to help you and the dead heal.  Please. Note: You should never take speaking with a medium or psychic lightly; this isn't a game or a novelty. Communicating with the dead or receiving insight from God and His angels is serious business; however, I know that much of the world does not see it this way. 

I struggled with my gift for many years and tried hard to shut myself off to the spirit world from age 10 when I finally yelled out loud and said, No more! God only let the dead and His angels calm the communication until I was age 15, and then my abilities came back tenfold! Then,  I learned how to turn down my gifts and abilities when I needed to so I could live my life; this ability is a gift, not a curse, and being around too much spirit energy isn't good, even when it is Divine. So, I have learned to shut communication off with the heavenly realms when needed. This is good because I am a very active person who loves to live life, so when I need to shut my abilities off, I do. But I can only do it for a while; this is my calling. 

Many times, I am asked if I can see future events. Yes, I can see the past, present, and future events and read your soul's energy, aura, and energy field. However, I only see what you and I need me to see to help you heal and move forward on your life path. I believe in destiny and fate, as this forces us to move through our soul lessons, and we can alter our lives through our many choices. Some call me a seer. 

As an author, I talk about the unseen world, experiences with Heaven, the afterlife, soul healing, and the paranormal world. I am writing my third spiritual self-help book and am looking forward to publishing my first paranormal mystery novel. Writing allows me to connect with my creativity and helps me keep in the flow of Divine energy. 

Using guidance from God, I focus on providing spiritual healing to souls in Heaven, spiritual truths, and advice to individuals in the living world. If you need to speak with a deceased loved one, are grieving, or are naturally craving healing and guidance for your grief by communicating with a departed loved one, I can help.

I know death is simply a doorway into another world from the bottom of my heart. We have a spiritual team on the other side, including God, who walks with us, waiting and wanting us to live our lives to the fullest.

Being a medium messenger for Heaven is a sacred calling; I am an ethical medium and clairvoyant, and that's precisely how I approach my gift with truth, dignity, and love. Many times, I'm asked how did I become a medium? The truth is, it chose me. I was born with this ability, so it is a gift. This sacred gift is to help the living and the dead heal. 

Since the age of five, maybe earlier, I don't remember, I saw spirits in my room; I saw deceased family members and named people I did not know. Some souls I would see would pass through this dimension into another, but I could see them and hear them. And I knew one day I would help them transition from this life into the next life. When I was seven and beyond, I received information about tragedies that were to happen, heard and saw the spirit world, and received premonitions or helpful information that became normal for me. I had my first paranormal experience when I was ten, and many more were to follow. I had these paranormal or supernatural experiences to learn and help you and the spirit world. Even though I was young, I knew not to be afraid of my experiences. That's because it was love that encircled me. I had to go through many life and soul lessons to be ready to help others with my abilities. When I was seventeen, I saw my father standing beside my bed, days after he had passed in complete form; that's the day I think my life changed forever. 

God's angels have trained me on my journey as a medium. Most days, I feel like I have one foot in Heaven and one foot in the physical world. My calling in this life is to use my spiritual gifts. My gift allows me to help the deceased and the living heal, and I do this in many ways.

Over the years, I have taken many university courses in Theology and Psychology. I have been a licensed Psychic since (2009), Certified as a Usui Reiki Master and Teacher (2007), Ordained Minister (2014), and hold an Honorary Divinity Degree (2021). I am a Certified Life Coach and Executive Coach (2008), a Certified Master Life Coach (2011), and a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® (2013). 

I use the knowledge I have gained to help serve my clients better.

I don't use divination tools, angel cards, or tarot cards. However, I commonly do automatic or Spirit writing during my sessions; this writing keeps me grounded during my heavenly connections. Since childhood, I have connected with the spirit world, and the spirit world has been teaching me since childhood. I use my gift wisely to not interfere with the natural balance of life, the realms of Heaven, and God's desire for you, as I am a person of faith. I believe in the power of prayer, an essential part of my life and my services. While I firmly believe and connect with Jesus, Mother Mary, and Archangel Michael, I respect all religions, faiths, genders, and people. In my readings, the afterlife brings truth, radiant energy and love. I use my gifts from God to help the world heal.