Meet Medium and Author Marnie Hill

Medium Marnie Hill "AKA" Your Heavenly Messenger

There is no denying her gifts; Marnie is here to
help change people's lives! 

Marnie's Story and Mission. To Leave Divine Sparkles of Love & Light, Everywhere!

Marnie is a spiritual figure who has been deeply connected with the angelic and heavenly realms since childhood. Since 2007, she has provided services as a Clairvoyant, Physical and Light Trance Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, and Healer in Canada and worldwide. Born in the late 1960s in the West Kootenay region, Marnie grew up in the Okanagan area of British Columbia. Her father, a Forest Ranger for the B.C. government, taught her to value wildlife, Mother Earth, and the natural world. However, he passed away when she was seventeen. Her mother, who passed away when Marnie was seven, introduced her to the Divine world. When she was 11, singing in the church choir sparked her interest in learning about God and His creation. Marnie wanted to be a Nun in her early teens, but life took her in a different direction. 

Marnie has been through many losses, life tribulations, and challenging and positive spiritual experiences. She is considered a fourth-generation psychic medium. Her great-grandmother on her father's side was a psychic, and her mother and grandmother on her mom's side were both sensitives.

Despite her unique abilities, Marnie is just like everyone else. She has spent many years on a journey of self-discovery, enduring many life lessons and living many paths. But no matter what she went through, Marnie always came back to the path of helping and guiding others on their path using her strong mediumship and intuitive abilities, and she does this through the many spiritual services she offers.

For Marnie, healing a world in pain is her life's calling. She offers mediumship, angelic psychic soul readings, healing, and coaching sessions. She writes and creates spiritual tools and believes the right people find her at the right time, often guided by their deceased loved ones or guardian angels.

Marnie has been communicating with the afterlife for decades and has found her life's purpose in comforting those in pain and serving Heaven. She serves as a voice, channel, ambassador, spirit healer, teacher, and messenger for the spirit world, bringing light and healing into the darkest places through her services. She considers her abilities a gift from God and credits Him for them.

It took her many years to come to terms with her gifts, which she views as sacred. By using information from loved ones, the soul, and God's angels, she helps her clients heal and grow. Marnie uses her gift wisely, always respecting the natural balance of life, the realms of Heaven, and God's desire for everyone. Her readings are filled with truth, radiant energy, and love as she uses her God-given gifts to help the world heal.

Marnie has spent many years studying psychology and theology to serve her clients better and understand the world, and she is a person of faith. Since 2007, she has been a Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. In 2013, she became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®, a Certified Master Life Coach since 2011, and a Certified Life and Executive Coach since 2008. She holds an Honorary Divinity Degree awarded in 2021. In 2009, she was ordained as a minister through the Universal Life Church, as she felt a divine calling to work under the guidance of the Divine. Marnie is a lifelong learner who strives to expand her knowledge and understanding of the world.

In 2010, she created her Soul Enhancement Coaching Program (AKA) Spirit Wellness Coaching and is working on writing more self-help books to help others heal their souls. She authored A Soul's Journey in 2015 and Heaven and the In-Between in 2019. Before her spiritual path, Marnie obtained a diploma as a medical office assistant and worked in the medical field for some time. She then spent years working in the corporate sector, holding various positions.

Not only is Marnie a Medium, but she also considers herself a creative entrepreneur and a transformational soul coach. She loves being active outdoors, engaging in a strict body, mind, soul and spirit wellness routine, and showing up for life and Spirit. Marnie embodies what she coaches. 

As a medium, Marnie works hard to be the strongest conduit for the heavenly realms. Though she makes it look easy to connect with the afterlife, it takes enormous energy to do the kind of mediumship she does. Her communication is clear and full of informative information, and she works hard to maintain this. 

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