Sacred Circles Messages from Heaven

Life Lives On, Even After Death. Messages from Heaven.

The Sacred Circle - In Person - Open Public Events.

Unfortunately, no scheduled dates are available right now. Don't hesitate to contact Marnie by email to book your private sacred circle or to have Marnie conduct a group reading for your event. She is one of Canada's hidden gems and will give your guests memorable and healing moments. 


During all of Marnie's events: 

During these small and intimate settings, you will receive loving and healing messages from a loved one in Heaven. Marnie provides stunning evidence of life after death, validation from the deceased, messages through her connection with Spirit, peace to your grief, and will show you that your loved ones on the other side are always with you. 

Marnie is an evidential light trance medium; it is not unusual for her to bring forward the personality of the deceased soul, information about their lives, and the memories they love to share with the living world. She has an upbeat personality; she is full of energy and loves to bring healing, laughter, and insight from Heaven during all her events. She is making these events healing, peaceful, yet enjoyable simultaneously.

Marnie can not guarantee you will hear from a particular loved one or that you will receive a message from Marnie or Heaven. You are not guaranteed a reading at these events.  There are many reasons why one loved one may come through and not another. Spirit goes where the messages are most needed in all group medium readings. All terms and conditions apply as per Refunds are not provided; your seat is non-transferable and can not be sold to another person. 

Please adhere to the following during Marnie's events:

  • All terms and conditions apply.

  • You must be 18+ to attend any of these events.

  • There are no refunds or reschedules. Please ensure you have a seat for Marnie, and if you can have seating put into a circle, that would be awesome! 

  • Payment is non-transferable and non-redeemable. 

  • Turn all cell phones off.

  • Please remain seated during this event.

  • No group readings or sacred circles are voice or video recorded. You must respect the privacy of all other attendees.

  • There is no seat holding for public events. 

Some Testimonials! 

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