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Life Lives On, Even After Death. Messages from Heaven.

Marnie is a highly skilled medium and is one of Canada's top mediums. She offers Sacred Circles, Messages from Heaven group readings, and public and private events.

Sacred Circles:

A Sacred Circle is a small group of up to 12 people who sit quietly in a circle while Marnie provides messages from the afterlife, including the angelic realm. Sacred Circles are different from individual private medium readings. Marnie will still do her best to provide everyone with a reading, but she cannot guarantee that a particular loved one will come through and everyone will receive a reading. However, she will do her best to accommodate everyone.

Sacred Circles are ideal for those who prefer a more intimate setting. Depending on the spirit world, the Sacred Circle event lasts 1.5 - 2 hours. You can also book a private Sacred Circle for your event in your home or another location. Marnie asks that you believe in spiritual communication, as any skeptics can negatively impact the sacred circle she creates. For private Sacred Circles, a deposit of 50% is required at the time of booking. The remainder fee is due two weeks before the event. You'll need to book through the booking portal when dates become available for public Sacred Circles. 

Group Readings:

Messages from Heaven Group Readings are offered privately or publicly and can include up to 40 people. These sessions last approximately 2 hours. Marnie creates a sacred, peaceful atmosphere during all of her events. She connects with loved ones who have passed away and delivers heartfelt messages from Heaven in a loving and caring manner. Her sessions are healing and peaceful, and it's not unusual for her to bring forward the personality of the deceased soul, mannerisms, information about their lives, and their favourite memories.

Marnie's events provide memorable healing moments and can be life-changing, as she has successfully offered sacred circles, events, and public group readings for fifteen years. Please remember that Marnie cannot promise you will hear from a particular loved one or that you will receive a message at these events. Spirit goes where the messages are most needed in all group medium readings.

All terms and conditions apply according to Refunds are not provided. Your seat is non-transferable, and there is no seat holding. If you're interested in booking a private event or hosting one, please email Marnie. Public group readings will be posted on this page when they are available.

Please be aware that during public Sacred Circles and Group Readings, recording (audio, video, or both) and photography may take place. Only those authorized by Marnie Hill may take photos or record the event. You agree to be recorded and photographed when you purchase tickets to any of these events.

Please take a look at the guidelines below for all events.

  • All terms and conditions apply.

  • You must be 18+ to attend any of these events.

  • For a private sacred circle, please ensure you have a seat for Marnie, and if you can have seating put into a circle, that would be awesome! No circle is needed for larger-sized events. 

  • Please refrain from talking to others, chatting about the session while Marnie is connected to the Heavenly Realms, and speaking with deceased loved ones. 

  • Payment is non-transferable and non-redeemable. 

  • Please refrain from chewing gum, drinking or eating during the reading session as this can distract Marnie, others and the other side. Marnie becomes extremely sensitive to smell, sight and sounds during her readings. 

  • Turn all cell phones off.

  • Please remain seated during this event.

  • No group readings or sacred circles are voice or video recorded from guests. We ask that you respect the privacy of all other attendees.

  • You must come into this group session with an open mind and heart and lovingly approach this event. Marnie does not read your energy; she reads the energy of heaven and deceased loved ones, which is the planet's most sacred form of energy. Your energy is essential to the success of the event. 

  • At large group events, Marnie does not provide reserved seating unless this is done through the booking program.  

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