Marnie’s Holy Energy Healing Services

(Holy Healing and Energy Soul Reading)

Available in a 90 min session or in a two hour spiritual wellness session. 


One day, while quietly sitting in meditation, Marnie was in physical pain and discomfort and had no idea what was happening. She asked her spiritual team in Heaven for help and guidance… and something unique happened. Loud and clear, she heard the word REIKI. Because the answer was so unmistakable, she immediately stopped her meditation and researched what Reiki was all about (she had never even heard the term before that day!) Her search led her to register for all the courses instantly. She didn’t know why… she knew she was supposed to do it.

This ancient form of healing immediately brought “miracles” to Marnie’s life. She knew that if it dramatically enhanced her life, it could be combined with her other gifts to help heal other people's lives. Today, Marnie is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher, passing on her knowledge and healing to others.  She has offered Reiki healing to clients since 2007 and has taught since 2008. During her journey of healing others, it quickly became apparent to Marnie that her gift of discerning spirits played a massive role in God's wanting her to learn Reiki. Marnie has a special and unique ability to detect and remove dark energy, souls, or attachments from the physical, emotional and energy body. However, you must email Marnie to book your session for this delicate work. Today, she brings forward new symbols in her work and works closely with the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary, calling her work Holy Energy Healing. 

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What exactly is Holy Energy Healing?  

In Marnie's Holy Healing Service, she channels God's Divine Light to help bring healing, light and peace into your world. She does this by allowing Divine energy to flow through her and bringing it into you. She is a channel for holy energy. This energy helps clear negative energy around your aura and your energy field. It brings energy into the areas of your body that need it. When energy flows, love and healing grow. It's not usually that a deceased loved one and an angel may come through to give you extra healing and even the light of Christ; this is why Marnie calls her sessions Holy Energy Healing. The only symbol Marnie uses in this session is the divine gold cross of healing and the pink flame of Mother Mary.  Marnie will tell you what she has received for you in the energy reading as the soul, body, and heavenly realms speak when needed in this session.  

When the "Life Force Energy" flow is disrupted or weakened, physical health is compromised, emotional health is affected, and spiritual blocks may occur. Marnie's Holy Healing works to re-focus and re-align your energy to get your entire physical and energy body functioning optimally.

While providing Holy Healing to her clients, Marnie allows the Holy Spirit to move through offering spiritual healing. She uses prayer when needed. Works at removing negative energy and energy blocks when required. As a Medium, Marnie also works with God’s Angels and her own Spiritual Team to enhance and increase the healing process. Using her intuitive and psychic abilities, she also works at opening and clearing chakras, ridding them of any negative energies blocking you.

Marnie will provide energy healing for 40-50 minutes in this session. She will leave time near the end of the session to consult with you and provide you with a soul energy reading. The information that comes through is to help your healing process. No mediumship is provided in this session, but you might hear a quick message from a loved one, angel or even the Holy Spirit in your session. 

Please book your session through the online booking page. The price will also be indicated there. This session is offered in person only and is 90 minutes in length. 

What might you experience in your healing session with Marnie?

  • As you lay on a massage table, you are fully clothed during your Healing session. You will be required to remove glasses and any bulky jewelry or stones.
  • Marnie plays light music and uses chimes and prayer to enhance your healing before she starts the session. She might use clear and rose quartz, too.
  • You might feel relaxed (may fall asleep).
  • Heat or coolness.
  • Light tingling throughout the body or on specific body parts.
  • You may feel phantom hands. This is where you know Marnie’s hands are not touching you, but you feel hands touching you. This can be an accumulation of energy moving to a specific area of your body where more power is needed. It might be the Holy Spirit, too! 
  • You may see colours when your eyes are closed.
  • You may feel energized after your session, or you may feel sleepy. 

Everyone has different experiences in this session; some are more in tune with their bodies. It is important to remember that this divine energy has intelligence; it flows to where it needs to go.  It is important to note that some may feel nothing but deep relaxation.  Marnie’s hands may feel warm and ice cold, you may feel a vibration coming from Marnie’s hands, and you may feel nothing, but rest assured that whatever you feel, this divine energy is working for you.

What can Holy Healing help you cope with?

  • Grief
  • Chronic Physical and Emotional Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Healing energy attachments
  • Removal of negative energy, souls, and attachments
  • Addiction Recovery 
  • Infertility
  • Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Emotional Illness
  • Fatigue syndromes
  • End-of-life care and bereavement