Spirit Rescue, House Blessings, Energy Clearing and Paranormal Consulting

Spirit Rescue and Paranormal Consulting

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The world of spirits can be complex and confusing. If you're experiencing ghostly disturbances in your life or are feeling haunted in your environment, you may be dealing with psychic phenomena or spiritual problems that are affecting your well-being. In such situations, finding a solution on your own can be difficult. Marnie is a gifted medium who has been providing spiritual services since 2007; not only does she help people heal through connecting with loved ones, Marnie also helps people who feel haunted. 

Marnie has a unique ability to communicate with the heavenly realm and discern the nature of spirits. Her professionalism and dedication to her work are unmatched, and she treats every client with respect and compassion.

Marnie can help you by connecting with the spirit world to determine which spirits are aligned with God and which are not. As a caretaker for the spirit world, she can help spirits heal and move on by listening to their stories. This may help you overcome any spiritual difficulties you may be facing. However, not everyone who seeks Marnie's help is experiencing haunting. Some may need their house cleared and blessed, while others may want an assessment of the energy in their environment. Whatever your needs may be, Marnie is here to help.

If you need help understanding and dealing with paranormal experiences, Marnie offers consulting services over the phone. This is the best way to start, and you can book a session through the online booking program.
You also have the option to arrange for Marnie to visit your location for a complete house clearing and blessing, as well as a spirit walkthrough.

In addition, Marnie supports individuals and families throughout the healing process and offers paranormal aftercare when needed.

These are signs you might need Marnie’s services:

  • Feeling tired or depressed for no apparent reason?
  • Unsettled in your location or workspace?
  • Feeling watched when no one is around?
  • Hearing unusual noises?
  • Lights flickering on and off?
  • See an apparition (ghost)?
  • Are you moving into a new place?
  • Selling your home?
  • Object missing or moving around?
  • Are individuals in your home experiencing unexplained phenomena that are affecting them?

Services Marnie Provides

  • Spirit Walkthrough of your location. Marnie will assess the site's energy and tell you what she finds.
  • House clearing and blessings services, a minor exorcism of the location.
  • Paranormal Consulting, where Marnie works with the individual or family.
  • Spirit Rescue Services

Marnie takes her spirit rescue or medium rescue services extremely seriously. She does not hunt spirits or communicate with them for fun; she knows the dangers of these forces and knows they are real. Her job is to help you awaken to your ways of why these forces are here with you, examine and inform you of what is plaguing you and causing you spiritual difficulties, and then help the spirit heal along with helping you. This side of the spirit communication and being a Rescue Medium is challenging work. Still, seeing people released from spirit bondage or having a spirit transform into the light is extremely rewarding; she helps the living and the dead heal by using her spiritual gifts.

Marnie also works with people in the paranormal industry who need her services of mediumship, discerning spirits, in-depth knowledge of the spirit world, and her gifts and abilities. For more information, please contact Marnie by email at [email protected]. Please provide information on what you are experiencing.


We hired Marnie to do a New Home Blessing & Clearing in the fall. Marnie arrived on time with sage, blessed water (holy water) and a kick-ass (positive) attitude. We immediately felt we had made the right decision to hire Marnie. Over the next hour, we went though all floors and each room clearing them. Marnie took special care in the rooms she felt stale energy and discussed potential reasons while communicating her intuitions. In the past, my partner and I have hired Marnie for coaching as well as Reiki.

Marnie exemplifies professionalism and passion through her work. Her insightfulness and calming nature are impressive! If you are moving into a new space, looking for a life coach, medium reading or for a Reiki practitioner, we 100% recommend choosing Marnie.

Jade & Catherine - Lethbridge, Alberta

Marnie, thank you so much for the spiritual walk-through of the home we looked at purchasing last week. We knew there was a death in the house, and your abilities as a medium were impressive. Thank you for helping us and clarifying the energy in the home. Your guidance and insight are greatly appreciated.

Kimberley - Calgary, 2019.

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