Spirit Rescue, House Blessings, Energy Clearing and Paranormal Consulting

Spirit Rescue and Paranormal Consulting

Woman’s hand holding bundle of dried sage herb, performing smudging ritual, cleansing negative energy and purifying living space with smoke
Businesswoman through the office corridor.

Are you having spirit or ghostly disturbances in your life, feeling haunted within your environment, or maybe you are having spiritual problems that are affecting your well-being when no other solutions are being brought forward? Perhaps you are having difficulties with psychic phenomena and are unsure how to move forward. Well, if you are experiencing paranormal difficulties, spirit encounters within your home or spiritual oppression that can affect your well-being, Marnie can help.

Marnie is a Medium and healer who speaks with the heavenly realm and has a substantial gift of discerning spirits; this gift helps her determine which spirits align with God and which do not. Marnie also uses this gift to help you move forward from spiritual difficulties you may be experiencing within your environment. She guides you to move forward if you are experiencing spiritual oppression, which is more of an emotional, energetic imbalance that spirit attachments may cause. Marnie works at helping you in your life by identifying what might be causing spiritual disturbances within your world.

She can identify low-level spirits, ghosts, or even demonic forces, giving you direction on healing your world so these entities can move on. Marnie works for the heavenly realm and offers services in several ways, depending on what is happening within your world. Marnie will always start with a Zoom or phone paranormal consultation, and depending on where you are and what is happening, Marnie provides guidance. She uses her gifts to help dissolve negative energy and helps spirits who may be earthbound by various means. To get started, you can book a paranormal consulting session. 

These are signs you might need Marnie’s services:

  • Feeling tired or depressed for no apparent reason?
  • Unsettled in your location or workspace?
  • Feeling watched when no one is around?
  • Hearing unusual noises?
  • Lights flickering on and off?
  • See an apparition (ghost)?
  • Are you moving into a new place?
  • Selling your home?
  • Object missing or moving around?
  • Are individuals in your home experiencing unexplained phenomena that are affecting them?

Services Marnie Provides

  • Spirit Walkthrough of your location. Marnie will assess the site's energy and tell you what she finds.
  • House clearing and blessings services, a minor exorcism of the location.
  • Paranormal Consulting, where Marnie works with the individual or family.
  • Spirit Rescue Services

Marnie takes her spirit rescue or medium rescue services extremely seriously. She does not hunt spirits or communicate with them for fun; she knows the dangers of these forces and knows they are real. Her job is to help you awaken to your ways of why these forces are here with you, examine and inform you of what is plaguing you and causing you spiritual difficulties. This side of the spirit communication and being a Rescue Medium is not easy work. Still, seeing people released from spirit bondage or having a spirit transform into the light is extremely rewarding; she helps the living, and the dead heal by using her spiritual gifts.

Marnie also works with people in the paranormal industry who need her services of mediumship, discerning spirits, in-depth knowledge of the spirit world, and her gifts and abilities. For more information, please get in touch with Marnie by email at [email protected]. Please provide information on what you are experiencing.